Thursday, October 27, 2011

With Love from Finland

Hey bloggers! Do you remember when someone left the very first comment on your blog? Wasn't it just amazing and weird and awesome all rolled into one?

I had no idea how fantastic the interaction through blogging could be, and for me it all started with a comment from the lovely Eva at Eisblumen.  She sure made me happy that day.

Eva is German, living in Finland, blogging in English. Got that? She is not only an all-round sweetheart, she's also a wicked seamstress. Look at what she sent for the baby:


A gorgeous flannel hooded jacket - perfect for the fall season here in southern France.

I absolutely adore the Anna Maria Horner flannel on the inside:


And how it ties in with the button loops and topstitching.


Sure he looks grumpy. He's just realised he's not old enough to eat any of this:


Check it out, Finnish sweets. So far I am close to polishing off the blue/purple block: teeny crunchy balls of liquorice in milk chocolate. Finland has been holding out on us all.

Aren't these lollies so pretty? They are also almost gone, between me and occasionally using them to bribe my children.


Best of all, Eva sent this book which is telling me everything I need to know about Finland. (Oh, and the kids too).


I have to share this TV advert from home which shows why Australians need to read this book.

Dear Finland. Sorry about that. Love Australia. x x  

The kids are loving the nicky-nar-nu cartoons about saunas:


I'm dreaming about Scandinavian men who apparently can all cook like this:


But best of all I am loving the Finnish sense of humour:


I think Finns and Australians would get along just fine. Thank you, Eva!


Naturally Carol said...

That's an amazing coat your friend made for mr grumblebum! I loved the ads and cartoons too! I do remember getting my first blog comment and it suddenly became real, that strangers were going to read my blog!

Sara Louise said...

That is a pretty adorable jacket she made, almost as cute as the little bundle wrapped up in it... almost, not quite! x

Susan said...

Harrison is growing into a handsome young man, scowl and all! The jacket is just amazing! How lovely that you remember your first comment!!!

Eva said...

Kirsty, I'm so touched! :-) I didn't know I was your first commenter! That's so cool! And it's so lovely to see the hoodie in action on your very cute boy! :-)I love the grumpy pic, there he looks like his first words are going to be "you've officially been pimped"! ;-) :-D

Sadly, I have to tell you that not all Finnish men are baking all day wearing handknit sweaters ... My husband bakes a mean "pulla", though, so maybe there's a little bit of truth in that after all ... ;-)

That ad! :-D I don't know what to say ... It more looks like a German couple that has moved to Switzerland to me ... but funny anyway! :-)

Lauren said...

Gorgeous jacket on a gorgeous baby. Thoroughly enjoyed the info about Finland too. I have to confess, it's not a country I know much about.

Nicola said...

You were my first (and very much appreciated commenter), so does that mean you owe me a handmade jacket?!!!! Just kidding! Weirdly I originally found your blog by following your pictures from the AMH site after posting my pics there of Florence wearing the Baby in the Hood jacket I made for her!
She still wears it all the time and I love it.

Terry said...

What a cutie!! I had to laugh, you were describing the jacket, but all I was seeing is that beautiful baby!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! She really is an amazing seamstress! If I tried to sew something like that, I'm pretty sure it would end up wonky. Love the last pic of your little guy...

Jennifer :)

Christine said...

I remember you were one of my first on the old crafty geordi site, it all began with a rack comment, remember? I am making the same grumpy face as the baby right now because I cannot eat that candy thru the laptop.....

michelle said...

what a lovely bundle of goodness, and the presents are great too. look out for that little lad, he is going to be a step ahead i think.

Shanea said...

Wonderful gift. Such a thoughtful present. The model is pretty spectacular too :)

Susu Paris Chic said...

Aussies and Finns get along perfectly! How do I know... I am a Finn, now living in France, and my family had an exchange student from Australia, and we loved him so!

Poppyprint said...

That ad is hysterical! Reminds me of the ridiculous IKEA ads we have here in Canada - love the Swedish guy they've got to do the voice overs. That jacket is so adorable and you're right, killer FINNISHing details!

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