Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gorgeous Gordes

Firstly, a big thank you to those who popped over to see Rachel's Celebrate Colour competition (and virtual smooches for those who voted for me). I didn't make the top two, but there is still two months of competition to go - why not whip something up and enter it? The prizes are génial!

My parents are visiting us at the moment and I took them to Gordes, easily one of the prettiest villages in the Luberon Valley, on Thursday.


Gordes is a gorgeous medieval hilltop village with stunning views:


And cobblestones (or calades [streets paved with river stones] as they are known in Provence) worn smooth with age:


Everywhere you will find picturesque alleys like this:


Where the local bakery looks like this:


And you stumble upon treasures like this:


Can you imagine spending your winter in this sunroom, overlooking the Valley?


Or buying some veg here:


Gorgeous doorways:


Plenty of charismatic restaurants off the main square:


This medieval chateau (built 1030s) lies at the heart of the village and now houses the Mairie (Town Hall), the tourist bureau and a small museum dedicated to Pol Mara, a Flemish artist (and past resident of Gordes).


Within the walls it was also a centre for resistance activity in WWII:


Looking out from the Chateau - you can see the restaurant from the photo above on the left. We had a coffee there solely so the toddler could run around the square and leave us in peace. If you do visit - please order tea. The coffee is terrible.


Just near the chateau is Espace Simiane. Originally built as a hospital in the early 1700s, I'm not sure what the building houses now, but the gardens are beautiful and open to the public.



And of course it wouldn't be a Bonjour post without a visit to the local church:


The church of St Firmin. I'm not sure who St Firmin was when he was home lounging on the couch in his underwear, but the church was full of beautiful colour and pattern.


Joseph and his Son:


I loved the pattern on the edge of his robe:


A poignant reminder that our time on this earth is fleeting - use it wisely.


So that was Gordes - not for the faint of heart in summer (heat and dirty, stinkin' tourists) but definitely a place to visit if you find yourself in Provence.



Anonymous said...

There is a lot to recommend living where I live (small-ish city in Wisconsin, USA) including space, comfort, and green, rolling pastures. However, I look at your photos and wish I lived someplace where I had access to the incredible place you visit. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...


I don't care what they say about you....

You do take a nice photograph!

All the best


blandina said...

What a nice reportage! I am sure that your parents are enjoying every minute of their stay.

diana said...

Ok, ok, I'll wait some more. But I did receive mine and already cut a nice pile :)))

I hope you had a great time!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I remember driving the road into Gordes, the view from afar, the winding cobbled streets, the ancient stones, the lovely shops and cafés... As I plan a trip in April your lovely photos have ensured that Gordes will be on the itinerary.

You know that I love to visit and photograph churches and this one is exquisite in its color and detail. You made me giggle thinking about St Virmin in his undies on the couch - hah!


Anonymous said...

How nice to have your parents staying with you. Bet the kids are enjoying the extra help. And no I would not fancy that sun room! Freekily close to the edge for my liking. Very beautiful ornate buildings, and doors of course.

We can only hope your parents are staying for ages and you get to post more! Have fun!

Sarah red gingham

Dianne said...

A wonderful tour around Gordes Kirsty - I feel like I've actually been there - love! the cobblestones and the green door and those elegant chairs at the Boulangerie - in fact I loved it all! xx

Susan said...

Memories return of our visit to Gordes in July - our last stop before we returned to Paris then home! Your photos are an inspiration and a treat! Thanks again Kirsty for bringing France into our lives!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful place and what beautiful photos.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the trip to Gordes. Like Dianne, I was actually transported there by your photos.

Sara Louise said...

Le Petit Village could look like this if she just tarted herself up a bit! I think I'll form a Tarting Up Committee x

Anonymous said...

Love all your photos, thanks for the tour. Hope you are enjoying every moment whilst your parents are there. from Jenny M

deedee said...

I love your photos of Gordes. I can't believe a place in France would dare serve bad coffee!

Annie said...

My kind of place ... I could so live in France! Gorgeous photos :D

Eva said...

Really, really gorgeous! Too bad the coffee wasn't good, but otherwise I might have thought this was too good to be true! ;-) :-)

Aidan said...

I'm with you Kirsty. I think Gordes is my favorite of the villages. As always though, you capture things in your photos that I never saw and make things I did actually look as pretty as they are in real life. The tree in the restaurant photo looks like a painting. Of all my favorite colors.

B said...

I LOVE Gordes, it's one of my favourite little villages, but I love it even more in your photographs - you have such an eye for composition and colour and - like Aidan said, you seem to notice and draw attention to things most people would probably overlook.

Just gorgeous - thanks for sharing.

Hope you and the brood are doing well. x

michelle said...

beautiful photos kirsty. i hope you and all the fam are enjoying sharing the sights

Tori said...

I just felt like I went on a mini vacation! Beautiful pictures and I'd love to have that view from the sunroom!

Poppyprint said...

I can only dream of being a stinkin' tourist there next summer! I promise to bring deodorant.

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