Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Week To Go!

Until Baby No 4's due date, that is.

Even after three children I still find this to be a little unbelievable, scary and exciting, all in one.


We took a drive last weekend on the hunt for lavender, as it was pretty much our last opportunity to do so (I'm glad we did it then as I am not interested in going anywhere this weekend).


We ended up at the small town of Simiane-la-Rotonde, one of the many charming medieval hilltop villages in the Luberon Valley. It just so happened that they were having a small medieval festival, so folks were in costume and there was a nice market on.

We bought some lavender honey - absolutely delicious. They also had rosemary honey which I'm kicking myself for not buying.

We walked all the way up to the top of the town, amongst the gorgeous old narrow streets. We had a bite of lunch and felt a bit sorry for the costumed waitresses (it was about 34 degrees and they were in full skirts, corsets, etc). The views from up top weren't too shabby:


We explored a few side streets on our way back down again:

Love the mix of stonework in this one - was it built like this or is the herringbone stonework a repair? Such questions weight heavily on my mind.

Inviting doorways

Lovey dovey window spotted by the daughter

Abandoned but still fascinating

Perhaps a visit for another day - The House of Dolls

On our way out of town we stopped at a few lavender fields where I took the shots in this post. This one looks back on Simiane-la-Rotonde:


It was a two hour drive home which was a bit long for me, but the baby head sitting on my bladder was greatly offset by seeing sights like this:

Another cliffhanging village (can't remember which) in the Luberon Valley; photo by the mister. 

That will probably be our last foray into the Luberon until the start of autumn. The summer season is a little too hot and crazy with tourists when sight-seeing with young kids.

Hope you've all had a great weekend, wishing you the best for the week to come. I plan to post a few times this week on some quilting, but if you don't hear from me, you'll know what's happened!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Beautiful photos as always Kirsty! Take care and look forward to hearing news of your little ones arrival. How exciting for you all!

Lauren said...

...Wow you definitely found some lavender! all these photos are just beautiful! I loved the lovey dovey door! :)
AND ALL the BEST with bubba number four! My it be a safe delivery. xx

Miriam said...

Beautiful photographs!
I can almost taste that honey.

Good luck and best wishes for a safe labour and healthy baby.

Betty said...

I can feel what you're going through this (coming) week: it's hot, you're (getting) fed up with this big belly and you're looking forward to the new arrival, although a bit anxious, which is healthy I'd say.
I'd love to know whether you want to clean the whole house someday next week: do the windows, wash all the curtains and what more ridiculous jobs you might think of ...
I had that the last week of my pregnancy.
But then ... I was nearly three weeks late .....
But my baby was born in our own house, with my GP present. Just like I wanted it to happen!
Take care and good luck!

Cally said...

Gorgeous photos again Kirsty! Good luck with the bubs although I've heard it gets easier with each one, so you should be fine!

blandina said...

I love the shot of Monsieur and the future ex-bébé, I love your pictures and, bien sur, la lavande.
I am going to think of you every moment of the coming week. Let us know as soon as Petit Monsieur arrives.

Christine said...

Wow, only a week to go? I'm sure that its gone faster for me than it has for you ;-)
Are you able to pick any of that lavender or was it just a sightseeing trip? I just planted some english lavender in my front yard, I can't wait until it grows!!

Naturally Carol said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures of lavender with us..they are magnificent. I can almost smell the scent of warm lavender and feel the sunshine on my skin! All the best babywise too.

Carolyn said...

Love the lavender and the gorgeous village. Best wishes for the coming week!

deedee said...

Only a few more days! I wonder where you'll go for the big event: "The Star" or maybe P? Best wishes!

Katherine said...

Oh, my! How gorgeous. I bet the lavender fields smelled wonderful. Thank you for sharing your adventures in such gorgeous pictures.

Sending best wishes and thinking of you as the happy day approaches.

midge said...

thinking of you often kirsty and sending many positive thoughts your way. you are a supermum, 34˚, scaling winding nanny goat roads with a babe in the baby house.
cant wait to hear the exciting news ♡ m

Veronica said...

Whoa... the lavender fields are gorgeous! I love lavender. Never had any type of honey however besides the ordinary one. Lavender and Rosemary honey sounds mouthwatering! Wanna try some. I really like the herringbone brickwork too. Very unique.

Hope the new baby arrives soon. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Look forward to seeing pics of the little one.

Sara Louise said...

DUDE! You were right down the road from me! Seriously, right around the corner!
And if I don't 'talk' to you before the baby comes, best of luck :-) BISOUS XXX

Lauren said...

Your photos of the lavender took my breath away.

Tina said...

Each of these pictures is just so beautiful! I can smell the lavender and hear les cicades! Dreaming off now having another look at the photos.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos and scenery. Hope you get to enjoy lovely weather as well.

It has been mostly cold and wet here in southern Australia although we do get the occassional nice day.


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