Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi all, hope you had a good weekend. Today I've got some photos of Verona, Italy, where we spent an afternoon on our way from Tuscany to Munich.


Verona is such a charismatic town, I would definitely recommend a trip. We visited in winter 2004 and found the place so lovely we wanted to see it again, even with the spring crowds.


The town holds a ton of Roman history (Verona is a World Heritage listed site) including an amphitheatre known as the Arena.


The Town Hall stands nearby:


There are plenty of Piazzas to wander through (and sit down in for a meal):


You can stroll along the Adige River which runs through the centre of the town:


And there were plenty of gorgeous windows to photograph:



Verona is the setting for the play Romeo and Juliet. You can stop outside Juliet's supposed house, where there is of course a balcony. If you can withstand the crowds you can visit the inner courtyard to see the bronze statue of Juliet, with its shiny right breast (A rub of her breast is said to bring luck in love. Not sure what tweaking her nipple brings you.)


It was so crowed that we didn't stop to visit this time (plus I wasn't ready to put up with 6 yr old boobie jokes for the rest of the day) so sadly, no photo.


Roses will have to do instead. I'm sure Juliet would have preferred this anyway.


deedee said...

Beautiful photos. We are going to try and fit in a trek across northern Italy this summer with the girls.

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

SO gorgeous! I love your photos.

Maaike said...

Wow Kirsty! Gorgeous pictures of a city that was already on my list, but will skip a few places up now...
Love, Maaike

Susan said...

Ah, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! Fabulous photos again! Windows are wonderful!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

You crack me up!! Pretty place once again. I love all the old buildings. I read Romeo and Juliet at school so was very interested to see the real setting.

midge said...

i know the answer to that ? a tweak of her nipple would bring you a kick in the groin! it looks like a stunning place, your photos are again, breathtaking. i love the last one with juliets' roses

Marg said...

Love the photos as always. I especially love the ones that detail what is hiding behind the stucco.
Unfortunately I didn't see Verona when I was in Italy a couple of years ago, but will now put it on my must see list if I ever get back to Europe.

blandina said...

I have to put Verona on my list, I have not been in many, many years and now I have other 'eyes'. I love the pictures of old walls and my two 'grandchildren' playing in front of the Town Hall!

Eva said...

Beautiful! I love the exposed original brick- or artwork on the facades! :-)

It's really weird that it's her breast people are supposed to be touching ... :-D I guess her hand wouldn't be "romantic" enough ...?! :-P

knitalatte said...

Ahh the windows, love your photographs of all the lovely details. Patina at its finest.

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