Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow going ahead...

I'm usually a three-times-a-week kinda girl (stay on target; I'm talking about blogging here), but that pesky phenomenon known as real life is getting in my way.

We are off on a final road trip holiday before the baby comes (Italy, Germany, Switzerland) in two weeks' time and I haven't made a single booking yet. Eeek.

I have a stack of papers to fill in (in French) for admittance to the hospital to have the baby which I haven't started yet (no worries, can always have this one in the bathtub at home, I think I have the process down pat now).

We have no nursery for the new bub.

Things are starting to catch up with me so I thought I'd just pop in and mention that it will be a bit slow around here the next two weeks, not to mention the two weeks after that when we are en vacance.

In an effort to beg your forgiveness, here is some awesomeness sent to me by Claire at Pinky-ing. Seems that Mr. Cooper, as well as being dashing and able to wash towels on his own stomach, can speak French. Thanks for thinking of us, Claire!

Bradley is starting to give Hugh Jackman a run for his money. This surprise nicely counter-balanced my discovery of this video clip of Sean Connery.

You know that disappointed feeling you got when you found out Santa Claus wasn't real? Like that.

The interviewer's smug comments at the end really irked me too. Of course we haven't heard any complaints from his wife - she doesn't want to get smacked across the chops for her effort.

Here's to men who can handle women having the last word without resorting to the five-finger sandwich. Have a great week everyone!


Marg said...

Hmm I think I'm going to drop George, Bradley and Hugh are much better.
Sean can take a running jump.
Hope you have a wonderful break, and good luck with filling in all the forms. Will look forward to all your lovely pics when you have time and the energy.

Susan said...

Take care, have a great break and we'll be here when you get back!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation and your family. Real life always comes first.

Blessings to you!

Pinky said...

Have a great vacation!

p.s. thanks for the link back! I just had a feeling that you'd love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog. Always entertaining! Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bradley does pretty darn well with his French, quelle accent! Here is to wishing you and your family an excellent voyage/vacances. A bientot!

Bisous, Charley

Eva said...

Nice video of Bradley! No idea what they're talking about, though! But it sure sounds really fluent ... :-D

My jaw dropped at the Connery vid. !!!!!????? That's really scary. Somehow it's more like a "Santa exists but is a creepy guy sneaking into people's houses at night" kinda feeling for me ...

Have a great vacation and lots of energy for all the things that have to be organized!

michelle said...

probably hard to complain too loudly when your jaw is wired! i hope you have a great holiday. will be keen to see your photographic journey. rest up

blandina said...

Any chance to see you in Florence in the near future? Maybe we could have coffee, just email me and we can make some arrangements.

B said...

Careful now - there's only one Hugh! Don't be getting all hasty with your blasphemous "Bradley giving Hugh a run for his money" malarkey.

Having said that - a friend sent me the 'Hangover 2' trailer and wowsers, I could watch B. Cooper strut around Thailand in sweaty linens all day.

(Is that an over-share? I'm a little sleep deprived!) Hugh will always be #1.


Ann Marie said...

I was forced to turn away from the Bradley Cooper video because the camera man was making me dizzy! I'll have to console myself with Hugh.

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