Friday, December 17, 2010

More Christmas sewing - the good and bad

Remember these guys? I brought them back flat-packed from the US when I visited my sister.


Well here they are, all plumped up. I love 'em and the kids do too. They've been playing Santa families with them. Dad, Mum, kids, baby - they think it's particularly hilarious the baby has a beard.


He is a cute baby.


Remember this thing? I got the chance to buy some thread for this guy when I had the machine serviced.


I was hoping to power through all the machine quilting last night, but it was just a big ole mess. Loopy stitches, front and back, and a lot of time spent with the seam ripper.


After changing needles, rethreading bobbins and machine and playing with the tension I've come to the conclusion that this is the culprit.


It's first time I've used this Mettler silk finish cotton and methinks my machine hates it. Must be too silky. My machine likes a rougher, tougher thread - able to power through the work, resilient, consistent, but just enough softness to thrill the touch.


Where was I? Thread, yeah thread.

This all means I need to take another trip to the quilting shop for more thread. I'll stay closer to home and visit Aix, hopefully Saturday morning, if I can get up early enough.

This may be a problem given the mister and I have a hot date tonight, at this lovely place, in honour of Monday coming being our 12th wedding anniversary.

Yep, 12 years. Twelve looooong years. You get less for manslaughter. Je rigole, I am a very lucky woman, married to my own Hugh Jackman who's given me nothing but love, laughter and adventures (including 3 beautiful rug rats) for the 15 years we've been an item.

I love you, Schmoopy!

Bon weekend, tout le monde!


Selina said...

NO WAY!!!! Do you seriously call him schmoopy??! That's what I call my mister!!! Rather big Seinfeld fans here we are!

Maaike said...

Oh wow, congratulations! We are not married, but have been together for almost 12 years now; does that count too?! Haha, no I am just kidding, but it is alway good to find reasons to go out for diner at places like that, looks great and delicious. And the christmas family is sooo cute, baby with a beard is indeed a little awkward, I agree with your kids, haha. Enjoy your night and weekend my dear!
Love, Maaike

Wendy said...

I LOVE those snowmen!! They are the cutest thing ever. And congratulations on the wedding anniversary

nato said...

I hope all the years to come are as great as the one you are having.
You have your own hugh, lucky girl.
Love your santa couldn't be the cutest.

luciep said...

I loved your post! It made me laugh a lot with the baby santa and his beard. Loved the pic of Hugh Jackman too!

annieb said...

Happy Anniversary! Somehow I am now in the mood to go watch some Seinfeld reruns....

Belinda Saville said...

Oh, how adorable is your Santa family! And I have to agree with the kids, I think it's hilarious that Baby Santa has a beard too :-)))

Happy, happy anniversary to you and the mister! We celebrate five years of wedded bliss on the 28th ♥ Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!


Lindy in Brisbane said...

Thank you for that photo of Hugh. I never tire of looking at him.

Lauren said...

This post reminded me I have one of those Santa panels somewhere. Congrats on the wedding anniversary. The restaurant looks gorgeous, but not as lovely as Hugh! Did you see the clip of his accident during the taping of the Oprah Show at the Sydney Opera House? He handled it in true Hugh style by downplaying his injury and charming all around him. Yep, I'm a fan!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Well done you guys! We've just clocked up 13 years. Shame about your thread. What a pain to have to redo the quilting and what a waste of valuable time too. It's a beauty of a quilt! Loving your new family and so funny about the hairy baby!! They look like good fun to play with.

Eva said...

Dear Kirsty, congratulations on your anniversary!!!

The Santa family is really great, no wonder your kids love them!

And I admire the agility of your mind, jumping from thread to Mr Jackman ...! :-D That pic's not bad ... not bad at all ...

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