Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Count down to 2011

Always a worry when you find this in the study rubbish bin, and a pair of your good sewing scissors on the desk. 

A quick head inspection revealed Miss 4 now has a fringe that extends right around to her ear on one side (It just kept bothering me, Mummy). We have since discussed the merits of seeking Mummy's opinion first, and I've found a good Trump like comb-over can adequately hide the problem.

Have you been having a 'festive' festive period? Hope you're lucky enough to be on holidays! 

We had a beautiful Boxing Day brunch at our friends' house. 

On Christmas Day, I even got to do some sewing! It was fantastic.

I will show you what I made when I get back, I even have some instructions in case you want to make something similar yourself. 

We are off to Paris for a few days, to ring in the New Year. We are taking the kids, so all the ringing will be done from bed, but hey, that can still be fun, right ;)

Hope you're all making the most of what remains of 2010. See you in 2011!


  1. Have fun in bed! Paris on New Years eve sounds fabulous, even with the kids there!

  2. Ah- my dream- to see the New Year in in Paris! I'll be thinking of you Kirsty! Have a wonderful time! Oh- your daughter has beautiful hair! It probably just looks better on her head!

  3. Now I'm jealous, Paris for New Year's Eve even if you are spending it in bed.
    Looking forward to seeing your latest sewing.

  4. Oh how wonderful about Paris, sounds lovely!! Sorry about the hair moment, how awful. Don't those stars look dramatic on the dark table? Very stylish. Have a super time away and see you next year.

  5. I had a surprise like that a few years ago when my daughter cut into her braids.
    We are off to the Alps (Less Orres) to ring in the New Year. Cheers!

  6. Hey beautiful girl and gorgeous family,

    Oh no! for the hair mangling but yay you for creative hair arrangements. I love kids and their personalised creativity aka cutting parts of their hair/clothes/school stuff up/off. ;) I thought I'd drop you a line and say "Merry Xmas" and "Happy New Year." Here's hoping you have a lovely time in Paris and don't get trapped in any airports due to crazy snowstorms etc. Still missing you heaps and thinking of you while I do my impression of a wilting flower (only not as pretty) in the heat. Stay safe and love to all.X

  7. NYE in Paris. AWESOME!! How fantastic does that sound? Hope you have a fabulous time. My daughter cut her own hair when she was 4 too. She thought it was time for a fringe. A very short fringe. About a 2mm long fringe in some places. The hairdresser assured me it was a very common style amongst 4 y.o. girls! That was about the same time she thought dark blue permanent marker would be nice lipstick.....

  8. Hei, what, you're still counting? Come on, it's 2011! Wake uuuup :)))

  9. Hi there Kirsty, happy new year to you and your loved ones! Wonderful Paris pictures by the way... love Maaike


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