Thursday, November 4, 2010

La Ciotat

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the giveaway post. It's nice to know you're all happy with the way things are and that I should just keep on keeping on.

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Today I'm catching up on a travel post, a nice one now that the weather is turning chilly.

La Ciotat is a seaside town close to Marseille.


Finding a car park was hard work, but we managed to find one a short stroll from the ocean.

Walking down we noticed lots of houses with these gorgeous hand painted name plates.

Bit of sun glare on that last one, sorry.

As we got closer we could see a hint of beach:

That large rock is known as the Eagle's Beak. The kids reckoned it looked more like the Pointy Headed Man

The water's edge was full of sunbathers, picnickers, snorkellers and scuba divers. The latter were exploring the underwater portion of the calanques (limestone inlets) found along the coast between Marseille and Cassis.


I'm actually having trouble writing the word beach. I'm Australian you see, and this is not a beach. This is gravel.


But for these Mediterranean views I'm sure many people would lie on worse.


I loved the spot shown above, and took this photo from a small road overlooking the coast line. As I shot away the mister seemed very interested in the beach below. A quick glance confirmed what I'd guessed - he'd found a pair of white pointers*. Well, actually bronze whalers** to be precise. Rest assured no photos were taken of the wildlife!

After our walk around we took the hilltop road home, which passed above Cassis (another lovely seaside town which I'll show you another day).

The road itself was fabulous.


And the views even more so.


Sigh. How long 'til summer again?

* Australian slang for a woman sunbathing topless
* A woman who sunbathes topless frequently. (i.e her pointers are no longer white)

ETA: I've been playing around with my photo size because I want them to be bigger- please let me know if I've made a mess of it (seems to look alright on my computer).


Béa said...

Merci pour cette belle promenade, les photos sont magnifiques.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I agree, it's not really beachy but it sure is beautiful. The blue sparkly waters look very inviting. Such a pretty place to visit, much nicer than the beaches I know. The rocks must make it fun for the kids to explore.

Aussie-waffler said...

I'm sighing wistfully, those photos are absolutely stunning.

Marg said...

It still looks beautiful even without sand.

magpie chic said...

That road is fab. Reminds me of a book we used to love as kids about some Nuns, a road through the Italian Alps, some bad guys and a load of spaghetti! Never seen it again, no idea what it was called. Just loved it! Your photos are great.

Eva said...

Great pictures!! And yes, some summertime dreaming really is just the right thing in this dark November!

Veronica said...

What stunning views! Not very beachy for sure but I'd still love to visit just for the view alone :) Thanx for sharing your lovely pictures.

islandgirl4ever2 said...

WOW!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your pics!! I'm going to forward your blog to some of my friends... They will love it!
Have a nice weekend.. Leesa

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