Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The one where I stuff myself with cheese at the park.

I apologise in advance for this photo-heavy post. I feel like I didn't pay much attention to autumn last year (given we'd just arrived and I was coping with culture shock) and I'd like to record all it's yumminess.

On Saturday we decided to go to our local sports complex and have a little picnic in the park. We swung by our village market on the way, the mister bought baguette while I went down to see my favourite little fellow at the cheese stall.

He didn't have the 2 inch rounds of goat's cheese that I usually get from him. But he did have some big 4 inch rounds on top of the counter.

What's this one, I asked in perfect French (of course).
A chèvre, extra-fresh, he replied.
Extra? I said.
Yes, made this morning. 

I may have whimpered then, I'm not sure.


I also picked up one with Provençal herbs on top.


Oh, it was good.


So very, very good. 


The playground was nearly empty, probably because the afternoon came over very cloudy and cold. 



First attempt without training wheels. No major falls.



Lots of exploring to do, many rocks to be fished out of baby's mouth.






I took another tour around the garden when we got home. Loving this colour, which won't last much longer:


Olives are ripening (it's olive harvesting season in November).


Hoping someone will move in here for winter. Maybe a European squirrel. I love those little critters.


I don't know what this vine is, but it has the most vivid red leaves which are all dropping off to reveal a sea of berries.

I also spent some time this weekend working on a little something to send to Nato with her magazine.

Try not to laugh all you seasoned sewers, but I managed to successfully use different coloured top and bobbin threads on this project.


How exciting!

Speaking of exciting: the mister decided to use a whole one of these Antilles (Habanero) chillis in our Sunday night omelette.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It seemed like less of a good idea as we ate it.

It was a very, very bad idea this morning.

I will be getting my internals resurfaced sometime this week.


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh funny! Thank you for all the pretty photos, such a pretty place to live in. I'm just taking a mid way through the kitchen cleaning break and that was just lovely thank you. Your lunch sure looked fabulous and I bet it smelled great too.

nato said...

Bonjour Kirsty, just adore your pictures, What kind of camera are you using?. But for sure the one that is taking the picture is the marvellous one.
Bon appetit. Will be waiting to see more of these lovely photos.
Can i use one of your pictures as desktop picture?

Selina said...

Ahhhh. Thanks for the peek into your French life. Always gives me a pick me up. That baguette and cheese looks just divine! Good luck with your internals. May they all stay intact.

Christine said...

!!! A whole habanero? Owie! Even jalepenos get to me.....I'll bet you could soothe the burn with some more of that chevre.

Eli said...

ah goats cheese - my fav. When I lived in Leeds we had a goat farm at the bottom of the road so always had fresh cheese and milk.

A few years ago I was having lunch with French friends and they had gooey chocolatte deserts and I ordered the cheese platter. 'But the British don't like cheese' was their comment. I then had to explain that we actually have more cheeses than the French - so now on every visit I have to take cheddar and stilton - but only relatively mild ones! Can't persuade them of the joys of White Stilton (creamy and sweet) with cranberries (tart).

Love the photos of autumn.

Adore chillies - I must have a cast iron stomach as I often use Scotch bonnets (treated with respect and chopped whilst wearing gloves!)


Miriam said...

Ohh I love your photographs! The pine cone one is my favourite.

Baguette and cheese....yum!

A whole chilli!!!! My DH loves chillies, the hotter the better, but even he careful with habaneros!!!
I hope your tummy recovers soon!

Lindy in Brisbane said...

OMG! You can keep your chillies, but that cheese looks great. How very French! Love all the photos.

deedee said...

I would probably have attempted the hot pepper omelet, too :)

Sara Louise said...

That extra fresh cheese and the baguettes... I'm salivating!

annieb said...

The cheese looks so wonderful. As for the pepper I think the expression goes something like "burns going in, burns more coming out!!!!"

Veronica said...

I said it before and I said it again... Gorgeous pictures! I could almost feel the creamy cheese on my tongue. LOL! The autumn colors are oh so vivid. By the way, thanx for your lovely email :)

blandina said...

Many photos, but so nice going through your post. The chèvre looks so yummi, I hope it was up to expectaions.

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