Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Le Fait-main en France

I love France. I love handmade. Don't even get me started on online shopping.

I thought I should share the joy so here is some France+handmade+shopping all smooshed together, courtesy of Etsy!

Isn't this just effortlessly French? 
One of the many stylish and thoroughly practical bags at Feyza's shop, ikabags

Coucou. Je te vois! Snowy the bunny would love to celebrate Easter at your house. 
Find Snowy and all his amigurumi friends here at Christelle's shop, à voir etc.

I love deep mysterious blues with a pop of colour... and there are three other matching prints.
Find marin fishes (and its friends) here at Aliette's shop.

Supercute Little Red Riding Hood felt brooches. Bonus: they can be used to distract children in times of crisis. BYO grandmama.  
Find them here at Patricia's shop, Memi the Rainbow

Gorgeous: a hand-painted recycled-glass bottle. This is why the world should drink more cognac. 
Find it here in Luliia's shop, Magical Space

I love me some photography and Marc Loret has plenty of prints for all you Paris-lovers out there. 
Find Entrée Place des Vosges in Marc's shop, Marco La Grenouille

Nursery art made from pages of French fairytale books? Oui et il est très mignon! 
Find the print here at Anais' shop, Galerie Anais

Pinterest fans, remember to click through to the item before pinning, so that your pin leads back to the source. Proper pinning is sexy.

Happy shopping, mes amis.


  1. Wow great finds. Thanks for doing the research. Looks like I can scratch 'make kids easter presents' off my list and let Etsy take the strain! On the computer screen, that blue fishy print looks like it's been cloned from your Echino tv remote organizer!

  2. Well noticed - the leaves (Echino) match the fish. Hmm, they would go so well together on the wall; anyone who buys a print, be sure to make a matching remote holder :)

  3. I love how you highlight so many different aspects of France!

  4. loverly choices miss k. too tempting

  5. Those are lovely!
    Do you mind if I plug my teenage nieces' Etsy shop? They live in the USA and they make adorable little creatures and jewelry:

  6. Those are lovely!
    Do you mind if I plug my teenage nieces' Etsy shop? They live in the USA and they make adorable little creatures and jewelry:

  7. I think I'm going to check out Snow Bunny and the nursery art for La Petite :)

  8. Such a lovely selection, thanks for featuring my work :)

  9. Such lovely things! Thank you for the post! Or maybe not, because now I want that bag!!! :-D

  10. Thanks a lot for this beautiful post Kirsty ♥

  11. Nice blog. If you love things French you might like to look at my post on the MS Paul Gaugin which cruises around Tahiti.


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