Monday, July 14, 2014

Brisbane French Festival

Bastille Day, the Tour de France and this weekend's French Festival in's hard not to think about France today!


We enjoyed another beautiful sunny winter's day here on Sunday at the Brisbane French Festival.


Lots of market stalls, French food, dressed-up folks and activities for the kids.



As close as I've ever been to Tahiti:


Churros with a warm caramel sauce:


What happens after you say 'no more churros':


And the grand finale - Pepper the French Bulldog:


I hope you're enjoying your Bastille Day, wherever you are!


Tina Short said...

I feel his pain. That would be my reaction to 'no more churros' too!
Apart from depriving small people of buckets of sugar and fat it looks like you had a great time, I loved the balloon skirt and the bulldog,,,,,,,....and the churros!

Shay said...

Im completely intrigued...what are the coloured disks?

How cool is that balloon skirt and OMG Baguettes and croissants ....ate my fill of churros Saturday night but now Im hankering for some more....

PS. Did you notice I got most excited about the food...there really is no hope for me ...

Kim S. @ Leland Ave Studios said...

This looks like so much fun! My oldest's birthday is today -- if he ever wants to go with a Bastille Day theme for his birthday party (as opposed to sports, sports or sports) I am totally coming back to these pictures for inspiration! Love!!

Susan said...

Looks more French than France! Although there was plenty of action in Sarlat last night! And fireworks to welcome the cruise ship into Bordeaux the previous night! Bonjour and wish you were here!

Katy Cameron said...

Okay, I want to know what the coloured discs are too! Some of those look, err, distinctly non French, but fun all the same!

Marg said...

I've just been told by Shay what the coloured discs are, necklaces, so no need to ask you too.
Churros, that would be the look on my face too, if I was told no more churro. I love churros. Not very French though are they.

Afton Warrick said...

That's how I respond to "no more churros" too. It looks like a fun day.

blandina said...

What a joyous post, so full of color. You are a great photographer indeed, being able to catch the essence of the day in few pictures.
I can not believe that the little bambino is now such a little man!

Annie Cholewa said...

Looks like fun (apart from the no more churros moment).

I'm beginning to think that life in Brisbane is just one long festival ;)

Dianne said...

Love, love, love this photo essay!!! Brilliant colour and fantastic photos.

Eva said...

This looks like so much fun! And funny to see all the things that go under the theme "French"! :-)

Carla said...

Im loving that balloon skirt! Just re-found your blog. Yay!

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