Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look out Hong Kong, here she comes.

Tomorrow my little baby sister*, Dee (with her husband and two young boys), moves from Sydney to Hong Kong.


They're not sure how long they'll be living there. They're not sure if after Hong Kong they will return to Australia (Dee's husband is a 'Murrican).


My feelings about the move are a little conflicted: I'm very excited for Dee because she gets to experience life in an amazing new country, but I also has a sad because I was just getting used to living within a thousand kilometres of her. (She's had 5 yrs in the US, I was 3 yrs in France; we've spent a lot of our adult lives a long way away from each other.)


So in her honour, here's a few Hong Kong photos from our stop-over in January 2013 on our way home from France.


These photos were taken at the beautiful Nan Lian Garden at Diamond Hill, Kowloon.


When we first arrived in Hong Kong I found the city a little overwhelming. It is so big. So high. So many people. To find this perfectly coiffed oasis in the midst of the concrete jungle was such a delight.


Located within the Garden is the Chi Lin Nunnery:


It's very zen, with lotus ponds and buddhist relics. The architecture is special too, in the style of the Tang Dynasty. The woodwork is incredible - there are no nails used in these buildings, only clever interlocking forms.  A civil engineer's dream.


I think this would be the perfect place for Dee to come and relax should the city get too much for her.


Might want to leave the boys at home though, Dee. This is the sign at the front of the Gardens:


Basically anything except walking, taking photos and scratching your nose is prohibited. And you better scratch that nose slowly, with controlled movements.

We read the (then) 3 yr old the riot act before we entered, and the baby was contained in mister's baby  back pack. But of course, being 3, it's really, really hard not to run, especially when the fish are jumping out of the little lake. So he ran, and an official was straight on to us. They are serious about the rules!

Regardless, it's beautiful and well worth a visit.

So, bon voyage, Dee Dee. We love you and we're going to miss you and your beautiful family. You're going to have exciting adventures, but it's also going to be hard. There's a new language, a new culture and a new way of life to get used to. But you're nothing if not tenacious.

Yep, Dee is tenacious. Tenacious Dee. Hmm. I know where this is going:

Rock on, sweetie, and I'm looking forward to visiting you in your new home! (Find all the best camera equipment stores for me, okay?)

Love and kisses,
Your annoying and bossy big sister, Kirsty x x

* I know she's in her mid-thirties, but she'll always be my little baby sister.


Susan said...

Hong Kong is overwhelming, isn't it? But it looks like you found the perfect oasis and a place for some respite! As long as there was no frolicking, of course! You will miss your sister I'm sure! But it's nice to have a reason to skip over to Honkers for a visit....

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, don't think of it as losing a sister, but gaining a holiday destination... ;o)

Annie Cholewa said...

Those nunnery buildings are amazing! But no frolicking ... what a bore!

Marg said...

I second Katy's comment. Now you can visit HK again AND see your sister. It's a lot closer than the States!


Ahh, it's kind of sad and happy at the same time. Am sure you'll come to terms with it and all will be well. Have loved looking at your quilting pics on your blog. xCathy p.s. Giveaway at mine if you like!

Gustia said...

I love Hong Kong! Hubby and I go every year in January to celebrate my birthday and you're so right about it being overwhelming. The Chi Lin Nunnery is the perfect antidote.... Maybe you should make it a point to visit your sister more often - I'm sure she's missing you too. I'm happy to share some of my "insiders' tips" if you'd like.

Eva said...

All the best for your sister for a good start in a new home and country! And yes, big sisters will always stay bossy no matter how old the younger sibling is (and no matter how hard they try not to be ... ;-))

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am so late in commenting. This site is awful for commenting - wouldn't let me edit my comment once typed on the mobile site and then it just deleted my comment again on the full site. grrrr.
Anyhoo, this place is going on the list places to visit! A nice quiet spot is just what will be needed every now and again. The mass of humanity and tall buildings are pretty incredible here. The weather is not. Grey and shitty every day since we arrived. Apparently, the sun may make an appearance tomorrow. I am not holding my breathe.
But we are alive and getting along quite well - apt hunting sucks with two very small boys. Can't wait to get a place finalised! And then to decorate it...
I like the comments about not losing a sister but gaining a holiday destination! That is a lovely way to look at it :)
PS Will is missing his "besh frem", Jack. Sorry, but the other kids just don't get a look-in for him! Jack is the bees knees as far as he is concerned!

Anonymous said...

PPS. Love you new blog header image!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Honkers Dee - the sun is out (kinda) today so hopefully you start to like it. As a fellow Aussie I recommend joining the Oz Association as they are a great help for newbies in town.
If you want to meet up let me know and I'll give you my number. Good luck - this place will grow on you eventually.
Kirsty - Stanley Street in Central is a good place to start for camera equipment.



Sara Louise said...

At least you have another fantastic place to visit people! x

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