Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Bastille Day!

Well, we've been home a good half a year now and I still really miss France. Guess it's going to take a while to get l'Hexigone out of my blood.


I found some photos I took at a French cooking class on a farm in Provence.


I took the class about 18 months ago, December 2011, with some English-speaking friends.


The photos must've been forgotten in the pre-Christmas rush.


The details of the day are beyond me, but I've enjoyed going through these pictures and remembering my 'other life' in France.


Happy Bastille Day, tout le monde!


American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Beautiful photos!! We celebrated Bastille Day early - went to a bal et saw fireworks last night. So much fun!! (Didn't want to be out too late tonight as my middle daughter leaves for camp early in the am). Looks like you are settling all your posts.

Susan said...

Now wonder you miss France- such beautiful photos full of wonderful memories! Love the pomegranate and the cornflour tin! Did you bring one of those home? I would have!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs! Feels like I'm there. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Miriam said...

Happy Bistille Day to you too, Kirsty!
Beautiful photos.

Jodi Godfrey said...

Exquisite! I want to live there too!

Jenny M said...

Stunning location for a cooking class!

Nicola said...

Ahhh... you can take the blog out of France but you can't take France out of the blog. Such beautiful photos of a 'forgotten' day. Maybe now is the time to start making chocolate Christmas trees?!! Can't see me having the time or patience to do that in December. Happy Bastille Day - France is smiling, we've had warm hot weather for two straight weeks in Paris!!

Katy Cameron said...

Looks like it was a fab day! Missed you this summer too

Liene said...

I know how you feel - this time last year we were celebrating in France, and a good smelly cheese is just harder to find here in the US... Bon FĂȘte Nationale!!!

Camilla said...

Sniff sniff! Moving is hard! I guess the TDF isn't cutting it for you then?!

Bloom said...

Happy Bastille Day for yesterday Kirsty! Lovely to have revisited some photos with you. How I would love to get you down here in our town. We could do cooking schools, drink wine, eat far too much and you could capture it all with your trusty lens! Love this time of year with Le Tour on, although it has had some competition with the Ashes in the last few days! Love to you and yours, Ros x

Salley said...

There were some frogs in Melbourne yesterday, doing a good gallic celebration. Perhaps you have to move there to be Aussie and French, oui??
Brizvegas doesnt have quite the same appeal for le frog lover.
Great photos, as always!

Sara Louise said...

France misses you too! x

Alabama lover said...

As a french native, i do not remember we say something like JOYEUSE FETE DE LA BASTILLE during that day, not like american says "happy forth of July".

Annie Cholewa said...

You do take the most fabulous photos Kirsty!

Hope your Bastille Day down under was a good one :)

Flossy PatchedBritches said...

Your photos show a magical place! You have such a great eye for beauty in the simple things. Of course this beauty happened to be in glorious France! Thanks for sharing.

blandina said...

I love your pictures, especially the one with the persimmons: beautiful colours!

Eva said...

Such beautiful pictures and wonderful colours, really atmospheric. The food doesn't look bad, either! ;-) I understand you sometimes feel homesick for France, at least you made the most of your time there! xx

Unknown said...

I have been in France for a month visiting my family and remembered your blog when we went to Najac not too far from Cordes of which you had shown such beautiful pictures. I have visited so many gorgeous places with you that I had never seen in my own country!
On 14th July, I took pictures of the Paris' defile directly from the television!!! and I have been sooooo hot here in Perigord.
I have put your blog again among my favorites and look forward to visit Australia with you this time.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Lovely to hear from you Annick! Please enjoy beautiful France for me, tell her I miss her!

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