Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn Randomness...

Hi everyone, hope you had a happy Halloween (if you celebrate it - sadly it's not really France's thing). Have you emerged from your sugar comas yet?


I also hope that anyone who had to face Superstorm Sandy's wrath is okay and life is getting back to normal.


After several storms and low temperatures, I can't deny it any longer. France is in the grip of autumn.


I have mixed feelings about this change of season. On the one hand it's beautiful, on the other it means we're even closer to leaving. I'm using cheese to get myself through the pain.


I was nominated for the Top 25 European Moms blogger award for 2012, which is a lovely compliment. At the moment I'm languishing at number 43, but if you've got a moment you could click the button below and vote for me. Apparently you can vote every day (if you're really feeling frisky) until 21 November, when the poll closes.

Speaking of polls - good luck USA with your election on Tuesday! The fate of the free world is in your hands, no pressure.

I know it's a really important event, but can I be honest and say I'll be glad when it's over? Is America done with hearing about it too?


Although the election lead up did produce this Bad Lip Reading video (no political statement being made here - I just think it's hilarious):

And on that note, thanks for dropping by and I hope you're having a great weekend!

A bientôt!


Unknown said...

I voted for your blog. You take such fabulous photos. Cheese is definitely a way to feel better!

Susan said...

Oh your photos make my day- that mushroom! Anyway I am off to vote and I will try to vote every day!

Esch House Quilts said...

You're up to #24 now - good luck!

Marg said...

Oooh you're up to 22 now. I'll be back!
Cracked up at the bad lip reading. Thanks for that!

Salley said...

Moved you further! Start chillin the champers.

Naturally Carol said...

Despite being bittersweet as winter approaches, autumn really is a beautiful season with it's palette of reds, oranges and yellows. To me the weather is perfect, some of the residual warmth of summer with refreshing coolness.

blandina said...

Your pictures are the reflection of how much you love Autumn. I love this season too, I am never tired of the changing colours and of mushrooms coming up everywhere.
(Of course I voted for you, couldn't find you since you moved up so much!)

Hitch and Thread said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the last one. Bleurghy ol' summer is almost here, its after 7pm and still 34°. I can't WAIT for Autumn! Are you back to oz for good or just a visit?

Abby said...

Closer to LEAVING? Did I miss something??? Also - I am convinced now that you are a professionally trained photographer- please share your secrets with me :) Did you take any classes? (I think I fixed my email thing!)

Mark said...

Voted. For you of course.

Christine said...

I just found you at #11. I voted :)
Love that video!!! I obviously don't stalk youtube enough, I never find these on my own, lol!
Are you moving back to Australia?

Selina said...

I hope the cheese is helping :( I would be eating as much as I can because French cheese has ruined me for life.... and I was only there 2 weeks! No cheese compares here, unless maybe I'm shopping in the wrong places. xx

Selina said...

Oh, and I just voted too, still at #11!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Yes, sadly we're moving home in January. I miss a lot about home but I know I'm going to miss a lot about France too. I feel torn!

Joop Zand said...

Hello Kirsty

My compliments for your wonderful blog, i see so much great pictures that ill be back soon.

Greetings from Holland, Joop

AL said...

I love autumn, but can understand that as time draws on, you have that feeling of a chapter coming to an end.....I'd be so full of emotion at leaving I know. Oh, and I voted for you :-)

Annie Cholewa said...

Gorgeous photos Kirsty. I keep meaning to get out with the camera while there are still some leaves on the trees but then it rains, again!

Great news about the nomination :D

Unknown said...

That Rick Perry video was so hilarious, and made me laugh really hard-- a much-needed laugh after such a ridiculous political season for us Americans! And you will get my daily votes at the Top 25!

Omma Velada said...

Oooh, those mushrooms! Those pumpkins! So yummy looking & autumny! We had a super busy Hallowe'en, but managed to fit in the obligatory trick or treating and my kids are still on a sugar high ;-)

Virginia said...

Have I told you lately how gorgeous your photographs are? These today are amazing.

And thank the lord the election is over but the whiners and teeth gnashers live on!

Poppyprint said...

OMG that video!!!!!!

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