Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whataya mean it's almost been a month...

Hi Everyone!

Wow, there's a few cobwebs around here.

The late summer/back to school combo got the best of me, but I promise I haven't been idle.

Neither has the mister - he finished his epic, 7 day biking event in the Alps. After 780km, 19 cols (biiiiiig hills) and 21,000m of ascent he was mighty tired when he crossed the finish line in Nice, right in front of the Mediterranean.


He was a little gaunt too, as they tend to be after an endurance event. I set to work fattening him up again.

It helps that the figs are in season:


And we have easy access to lots of double cream soft cheeses:


We managed to squeeze in two date nights - including one in lovely Ansouis:


Then there was the whole back to school routine. Two in primary school, one spending mornings at the  maternelle school (preschool) and the baby with two afternoons of garderie (creche). The routine took some getting used to but now we've got it down pat.

Lots of admin for our move home to Australia in January as well. House renovations, new schools, finding daycare, part-time work, inventories and flights. Feeling better now we've broken the back of it.

We've booked an autumn holiday for Malta! I'm really excited we're going.

Of course there's been some sewing:


And just to give myself a big kick into action I joined up for the Travellin' Pic-Stitch Blog Hop (details on Katy and Laura's blogs). Did you know that EPP stands for English Paper Piecing? I've got a lot to learn before October!

Hope you've all been good this past month. I've got lots more to show you but until then I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

A bientôt!


Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, wonder if that bike route follows the GR5 route which my dad and his friends walked down through the Alps to Nice a few years ago (they were also knackered at the end, but they stopped to eat often on the way, lest one of them fade away, oh, and broke it down over 5 years ;o) )

So sad you'll have gone home by the time I get back to Provence, I was hoping for a quilty meet up lol

Camilla said...

Nice to read you again! Sounds like plenty to keep you busy, esp with a move back here! My husband likes the look of that biking event. You'll be back here in time to do the 200km ride around Bright & Falls Creek at end of Jan! I'm sure that'll be just the thing after the move (not)!

Susan said...

My, you have been busy! And January will be here before you know it! I'm part of the Travelling Pic-Stitch blog tour too! Fingers crossed, we'll have fun! Malta sounds great too!

**Anne** said...

How on earth are you going to cope with living back in Australia after living in the south of France. I hope all your plans go well.
Anne xx

Poppyprint said...

Well done Mister!!! And well done you, holding down the fort with 4 kids for 7+ days. Yikes. You are an incredible mom.

Good to hear that things are ticking along for the move home. Do you have a house in Australia still, or do you need to find one? I wasn't sure if the home renovations referred to France or Oz house.

I look forward to your Travelling pic-stitch post! I had to send regrets - too booked up with 3 week parental visit starting Monday. I love the idea of it!

verobirdie said...

I was wondering about you :-)
Glad Mister made it! You sure are all proud.
Back to school routine, a time of year I don't regret...
With the coming move back to Australia, no wonder you have been busy

Nicola said...

I feel your back to school pain, it's taking us a while to get into the groove too. Can't even imagine the Mister's pain after that bike ride. Amazing achievement and an impressive souvenir of your time in France. Looking forward to seeing what you've been making as well.

Maaike said...

Hi Kirsty, I guess we have been off the blog simultaneously :) GOod to see you back here! Lovely pictures and amazing stories; 7 day biking?! Oh my..
And planning on coming back to Australia, must be a whole new adventure too. January is coming up so fast! Good thing is you will be arriving in Summer there. Oh I am really excited to see what's coming up here in the coming months! Travels, holidays, moving...Hang in there :)


ps I answered your pepernoten question on my blog - so annoying you don't get a notice of that. Yes, we eat them in celebration of Sinterklaas, our Dutch Santa who comes to the country end of Nov- beginning of Dec. I got 2 Dutch ladies over for coffee and wanted to bake a cake, only to find out I was out of eggs...and it rained + car was off to work with husband. So... I had to be creative. And although it is a little early for pepernoten, they rescued me :)

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