Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer starts today (and handmade teacher gifts).

Technically it's been summer for a few weeks now.

We've been having lots of lovely hot weather.


And the garden certainly knows it's summer.


But mentally, for me, summer doesn't begin until the kids are on school holidays. Given today is their last day of school, summer starts tonight!

Like last year, I made covered journals for the kids' teachers (adapting Ros at Bloom's très formidable tutorial).


Again, I thought I was really clever to choose the pens first and then match the fabric to the pens, rather than vice versa. (The elastic is actually lingerie elastic - they have it in such lovely colours.)


Once I got my journals home from the shops and took off their plastic wraps I found a new challenge: coloured inner covers. Eep, they didn't have those last year.


A more thorough stash hunt was required to find fabric that would match both the pens and the inner covers. (I won't complain too much though, any excuse to fondle my stash...)


Here's (one of) my summer vices: Hoegaarden has just released a new beer - rosée.


It's very delicately flavoured with raspberry and is as refreshing as an ice cube down the back of your shirt.

Isn't it the most lovely colour?

Enjoy your summer! (Sending lots of summery vibes to everyone back home in Australia and everyone else in the southern hemisphere, too.)


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Kirsty those covers are beautiful! I would be happy with any of them, lucky teachers. Of course I would pick the first one because that fabric is in Sophie's quilt I made her. I adore it.

I hope you enjoy the hols with your children. I bet your little one will love having his playmates home all day. Have fun! Love Sarah xx

Susan said...

Ooooh Rose Beer! How much of that can you stash in your suitcase when you return? The journals are lovely, as we would expect! Enjoy the holidays and the wonderful warm weather!

**Anne** said...

Goodness, we sure need those summer vibes here in Melbourne. We got home from Europe last Thursday and the chill has crept into my bones.
I loved Aix-en-Provence and St. Paul de Vence and loved the south of France generally. I just missed the lavender in flower, maybe next visit....
Loving your covered journals, just gorgeous.
Enjoy your summer,
Anne xx

Mark said...

Love those journals. It makes me want to be your kids' teacher! Except I'd probably make the worst teacher ever! I'll just leave that up to Fred.
But yeah, I could go for a Hoegaarden right about now. Although that name kind of sounds like a backyard where hookers hang out!
Your Friend, m.

Marg said...

OOOooooooh Rose beer, I hope I can find that here, what do you think my chances are?
your journals look lovely, and a nice bonus that they have pretty matching inner covers!

Unknown said...

Those journals are beautiful! What wonderful gifts. Please enjoy a Rosee for me as I am training for a triathalon and the alcohol dehydrates me. Enjoy your summer vacation!

Nicola said...

Such pretty stash you have and the knicker elastic is the perfect finishing touch - who knew?!! Happy Summer - hope it's a fun filled one - that rosé beer should certainly help!

Maaike said...

Again you did an amazing job Kirsty! I have the same green-pink Michael Miller fabric, you got me inspired now....

Lucky teachers for sure!


Katy Cameron said...

They look great, and well done for overcoming the unexpected inside too (giggling a little at the knicker elastic though :oD )

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

What beautiful journals..what a super idea! Enjoy your summer.

blandina said...

The journals are great and the pictures of the flowers just perfect.
Hope you have a relaxing summer!

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Hello again - There's something for you over on my blog, I'm spreading sunshine

Eva said...

I love your journals, as always they're really beautiful! It's nice to hear you have such great weather! Here it's warm and sunny, too. Finally! :-) I love the classic Hoegaarden beer and the new one sounds delicious! I hope it will find it's way to Finland.

midge said...

I'm going on a beer hunt

Jim said...

So good to be here Kristy! And handy you are indeed! Being a retired teacher here in Nova Scotia, I know 'your' teachers appreciated these special gifts!
Your photos are lavender!

Aidan said...

Those are so nice, Kirsty. I'm sure the teachers were thrilled to receive them. Really pretty.
I'll have to try the beer. I've seen it but hadn't yet put it in the cart. Yum!
aidan xo

helen said...

Enjoy that summer weather - its been bl**dy cold here in Melbourne! Your journals are gorgeous and that beer sounds like it could be worth hunting around for.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Winter in Melbourne is not to be trifled with! Hope you have luck finding the beer, it will bring a little sunshine into your winter days.

AL said...

Today has brought some cool wet weather to Brisbane, so your warm sunny greetings are more than welcome Kirsty. I love the pic of the lavender...I can imagine that glorious whiff of the oils that are relaeased into the hot atmosphere.

B said...

Umm - can I have your kids in my class one day? Those journals are stunning.

I always get given chocolate and alcohol which means (a) my students think I love chocolate and alcohol and (b) my students are smart.

Enjoy that sunshine - it is cold and grey here! xxx

Bloom said...

Your journal covers are très magnifique ;) You must have the best fabric stash. Love the teal one with the ornate medallion print. You'd better stash up on the lingerie elastic before you come home. I'm sure I've never seen it here - other than in a very attractive skin-beige! Perfect for the job.

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