Friday, June 8, 2012

A brief stop in Beaune

I'm finally starting to get through our Spring Trip photos.

Our trip started immediately after the kids finished school that Friday as we drove into the night toward Paris (eight hours from us).


The town of Beaune was conveniently at the halfway mark so that was where we stayed.

Our little apartment - the wisteria smelled so good.


We had barely more than an hour in the morning to get out and have a look around the town.

Beaune is situated in the region of Burgundy and is one of France's wine centres.

This is actually an advert, but isn't it pretty?

It's also a walled city, with various ramparts and moat remnants around the town.


The market happened to be on when we were there and it was a nice big one.


When we reached the church it started to rain (said rain followed us around for a week thereafter) so I took that as a sign we should go in.

Coll├ęgiale Notre-Dame de Beaune


I do so love churches.


The kids groan whenever they see one now.


Poor deprived children, dragged around France by their mother to look at old ecclesiastical establishments.


The windows in this one were really lovely.


The grey and gold in particular caught my eye:


By this stage we were running late to check out of the hotel so we didn't get to explore the beautiful town square around the corner.


There is a lot more to Beaune than the small part I've shown you here - it's definitely worthy of a whole day (more if you want to do some wine tasting, which of course you do).


Friday again, yay! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week!


Betty said...

Can I have the address for the wisteria appartment? I melt when it comes to wisteria's in full bloom! Was it a nice app?
Funny those grey and gold colours: I've seen windows like that, but now I SEE them!
Thanks for opening my eyes.

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Thank for the mini-tour..just found your blog the other day. So nice to see other parts of France...Helpful to add onto the visit list! That village looked lovely! and nice pics!! My kids are the same way about hope is over time osmosis happens and they appreciate the architecture and beauty as much as my husband and I.

Susan said...

What is that bishop doing with the box containing what looks to me to be a skull and crossbones (in the stained glass window)????? Curious! Thanks for all the chandeliers too! All the photos are lovely as usual!

Shontelle said...

Could that little apartment be any more picturesque? I think not. Bon Weekend.

Aidan said...

One of my favorite white wines is from Beaune and I've always wanted to go. I'll have to get the name of the apartment. It looks beautiful.
Tell me you had a sip of wine, Kirsty.

Leslie said...

Once again I sigh with delight as I "travel" through France with your pictures. Thank you for sharing. Leslie in California

Katy Cameron said...

We always used to stop there on the way to and from Provence when I was a teenager and we were camping, you revive so many memories for me with your posts!

Marg said...

The wisteria looks absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful place to stay. Thank you for the stunning pics of the chandeliers and the windows.

Kim said...

I love old churches too, they have such a sense of age and history about them that I can't resist. My parents are in Frace at the moment, in St Malo I think - it's raining there too! And over here; in fact, I'd like to know where it isn't raining so I can go there! said...

I have so many fond memories of Beaune. We stayed in the former post office, now converted into a small B&B. It was so much fun. We had the best time in the wine cave there, tasting 16 wines. Who knew we were supposed to taste and spit, not swallow. Needless to say, we were a bit drunk by the time we were finished!
I love old churches too, and your photos are always so beautiful.

Sara Louise said...

I'm laughing because when you wrote that you went into the church, I thought, "oh I bet the kids loved that", and then I read the groaning bit. Exactly. x.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the ppictures of Beaune. We were there a couple of years ago and loved it -especially the hospice. Stunning photos ( as always!)

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I regretted not having the time to explore the hospice, it is such a gorgeous (and really different) building. Sadly we ran out of time, plus it was raining on us. Will just have to go back again some day.

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