Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh crap, it's only 18 days 'til Christmas

Can someone please explain to me how it can almost be Christmas again?

I'm sure it was Christmas just the other day.


I do love me some Christmas, so I won't complain too much.


We have already trimmed the tree and put up decorations.

Stripy monkey is also back, I can't imagine our tree without him now.


And heaven help me because the papillotes are back in the supermarkets. I bought a big bag of the cheaper variety to display around the house.

Papillotes are sweets/candies wrapped in shiny wrappers - they're usually chocolate-coated something, but occasionally can be fruit jellies. They also come with a little note (a joke or a fun fact), similar to Christmas crackers.


This vase display lasted 15 mins on the dining table before the 2 yr old found it and gobbled two, right before dinner. Now they live up high in the china cabinet.


The bag had two papillote varieties, a strawberry centre with dark chocolate coating and a caramel praline centre with a milk chocolate coating. Don't ask me how I know this.

I also bought a smaller bag that cost twice as much - these high end papillotes will be part of my kids' teachers' Christmas gifts.


Three varieties of ganash filling with dark chocolate coatings. Too classy for jokes, these ones come with an inspirational saying on their note.


That papillote came that way. Oh, alright, it was me. But it wasn't just gratuitous, random eating - I was conducting quality control on behalf of the teachers.


Now, the eclair which I scarfed about 30 seconds after taking this photo, that was gratuitous, random eating. And it was GOOD.

Hey, I finished my stitching. Now I just need to wrangle it into a hoop for displaying. Will have some close ups once I've made her pretty.


One little brag before I go - I've finished all my Christmas shopping. I did it all on line and it is such a relief to have it done. I don't know what I'm going to do without when I go home.


Good luck with all your preparations for the holidays. Don't forget the chocolate!


Annie said...

18 days to Christmas? You're joking, right?

Nice monkey by the way, I'd have blamed that chocolate eating on him!

Pippa Parsons said...

lol, I've done most of mine online but you can't get decent stocking fillers so off to finish up tomorrow ;O) I love too, and cddiscount :) you've also reminded me to get some papillote for the bratlets.
18 days doesn't seem that far away until I remind myself it's only 6 school days left until vacances and then 8 full days before the day itself...I reckon they will feel a very loooooooooooong 8 days with 2 excited kids at home :)

Anonymous said...

Well clearly you don't have anything to worry about my dear. It does seem to be coming rather quickly for me too. I think starting preparations in Dec is our downfall. Problem is no one wants to start admitting it's nearly Chrissy until Dec.

Your stitching is coming along very nicely my dear. Well done to you. I do love your table runner by the way. So neat and pretty.

Those choccies sure look a right treat. I'd have eaten lots of them too! Just go and buy another packet or two.
Sarah Red Gingham

**Anne** said...

I would love some of those choccies. Do you think there will be any around in May? Probably not. Your stitching is gorgeous. And well done you for getting that shopping done. Online, the way to go when you've got little ones.
Anne xx

Susan said...

Yes, and the chocolate won't forget you! I love your "enjoy the journey!" stitchery! And I haven't even started Christmas shopping! ugh! At least school finished (sort of!) today!

Christine said...

I'm sure they must have an, right? There is always Ebay, I just sent a teapot to Australia recently so I know that Australia gets Ebay ;-) I love your stripey monkey, he is so cute.

Sara Louise said...

I like that stripy monkey. And that eclair.
December IS flying by too fast! We really need to sort out that Le Petit Village tour x

Nicola said...

I was wondering why my kids had opened so many windows on their advent calendar and then I realized...

Ok, off to Super U to look for papillotes!

Eva said...

Yay, hello stripy monkey! :-) I know, I'm also a bit surprised at how time flies ... Lucky you, at least you got your shopping done! Mine is at a good stage, though, so not much to complain about ... I've even already wrapped some of the presents!!!

I love your stitching project! Great choice of words! :-)

You torture me! Where am I going to get an ├ęclair in Helsinki?!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I finished my shopping too... thanks to online stores. So easy and so many options. love that! Your stitching is glowing.

Connie said...

Nice photos!

I don't have my shopping finished -- makes me jittery to think about how close it is.

Marg said...

Hmm I read this before breakfast again. You made me hungry so I had to go eat and come back later to comment! You are a cruel woman posting pics of eclairs and reminding me how few days I have left to get my act together.
Love your yellow "pixels" with embroidery, it's really pretty.

michelle said...

come on kirsty, play fair. chocolate, christmas tree✓, teacher presents✓, shopping✓. next you will be telling me you have cooked the christmas feast already. and as for that eclair, don't get me started. i didn't even know it was december

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

So many lovely things here today - love the Stripey Monkey - perfect for your tree! Your papillotes look delicious. Love your Journey project - can't wait to see more of it.

Wendy said...

Don't you have Amazon in Australia? How can that be?!? I thought they'd taken over the entire world... I too have done all my Christmas shopping online. Well, OK, the majority of it is handmade, but I bought my husbands presents on line. It took me all of about 10 minutes since we all started using wishlists!

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