Friday, November 11, 2011

St Paul de Vence

I mentioned we recently spent a long weekend in Antibes on the French Riviera. On our way there we stopped for the afternoon in St Paul, located in the Riviera hinterland.

St Paul has a beautiful walled old city (founded in the 9th century) perched high on a hilltop with gorgeous views.


There was plenty of this sort of stuff to walk around and admire:


Of course there was a church:


And this building is a dungeon, all that remains of the 9th century Chateau de St Paul.


St Paul is renowned for being a bit of an artist hang out (as well as being popular with writers and actors). We loved that there were sculptures on many different streets.


There were also tons of art shops with some stunning and kinda weird paintings/sculptures/etc. No photos of those to show you due to all the 'photography prohibited' signs in their windows. The sweet shop had no such sign though, so here you go:


So there you go - St Paul de Vence. Very nice, you should go there. 

Next up: Antibes. 


Anonymous said...

Oh well since you insist I'll see if I can pop over next weekend! Sure looks worthwhile. Loving that sweet shop. I love art shops too. I also think that horse looks pretty clever, great idea. Loving it all really. Sure you had a grand old time there.
Sarah Red Gingham

diana said...

You have 4 kids, take great photos, press seams open and now I can swear you look gorgeous after all the walking and there's no sign of look, I had a huge belly 4 times.

Let me rephrase it: get out of here :))))

[gorgeous horse]

deedee said...

I love St Paul de Vence. Did you have time to go to the Foundation Maeght?

Susan said...

Oh Kirsty! Don't do it to me!!! I SO want to get on a plane and head back to the south of France!!! I am having a serious fit of jealousy!!! Great photos will do it every time!

Virginia said...

Oh how beautiful. I'd cry if i saw a No PHoto sign! The little candy store at the bottom is a chain I"ve visited in Paris. They are so colorful, charming and always hand out free tastes!

Marg said...

Ooh ooh ooh I can finally say-I've been there. Loved St Paul de Vence, a very pretty village. We weren't there for very long and I bought a really lovely bracelet in a tiny boutique.
Great pics as always. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

Mimi and Tilly said...

I could spend very happy hours in that sweet shop! I've really enjoyed seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing them. Em x

Debbie said...

oh my! Dreamy!

Eva said...

Art, beautiful old streets, town wall from the 9th century ... I don't care, I WANT TO GO VISIT THAT SWEETSHOP!!!

B said...

I LOVE St Paul de Vence and have been there over 20 times and taken hundreds of photos.

And, as usual, yours are about a billion times better!!! I love your eye for detail and shapes and angles. Essentially I want you to come, live with me and photograph my adventures. You can bring the little man too! He's too precious.


ButtonMad said...

One of our favourite places to daughter took friends there this grandchildren love the horse sculpture made of hooves...
And yes you are so right....some very strange and weird art in the galleries ...lovely photos...and so pleased to find your blog...

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the photographs, you tell a great story with just the pics. Thank-you for sharing your perspective of such an interesting locale. I am glad to have found your's a lovely step out of my here and now into yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, I will be in Paris next September - omly for 2 nights - any suggestions for must do's?

Poppyprint said...

Ok, advice taken. Adding to the visit list.

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