Sunday, November 20, 2011

City Lights

We ventured out into Aix-en-Provence on Friday night for dinner with friends.


It has been so mild here this autumn - this time last year it snowed in our village. We don't even need gloves at the moment which makes taking pictures so much easier.


We were pleasantly surprised to see all the Christmas lights up and the majority of them lit.


The lights on the Rotonde fountain at the top of Cours Mirabeau were particularly gorgeous.


And a few of the little stores for the Christmas market along the Cours were open.


We were surprised to see projected images on the wall behind the Albertas Fountain at midnight.

What's all this about then?

Stopped to have a drool at the macaroon shop's displays.


And then ended the night with a few lazy mojitos. Mmm.


Hope you've all had a great weekend too!


Susan said...

I'm guessing yours was better than mine going by these fabulous photos! Are you sure the macaroons stayed 'in-store'!?? The fountains, lights, reflections, all magical! Thank you!!

Eva said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a good evening! Too bad that store was probably closed ... those sweets look beautiful!

Today is the official opening of the "Christmas Street" in Helsinki's centre, too. I'll try to take some pics some evening. :-)

Sara Louise said...

I'm a big ol' softie for Christmas lights, glad you got to get out and enjoy some... and mojitos too! x

Sharon T said...

I just love your beautiful photography and wonderful journaling. Thank you soooo much for sharing with us. You have amazing talent!

blandina said...

Well, Aix seems a different place through your camera rather than mine! Beautiful pictures, you really have an eye for photography.

deedee said...

I love your photos of Aix in season!

**Anne** said...

Kirsty, these are gorgeous photos. I can't wait to visit this town next year. I think my finger is going to be on the camera shutter button permanently. :) Thanks for sharing and whetting my appetite even more.
Anne xx

Marg said...

You definitely had a better weekend than I did. A lazy mojito would have gone down very well here. Is 7am too early to have one?

apiecefullife said...

Beautiful photos.
Christmas in the Northern Hemishere: so beautiful!

Ali said...

I love mojitos. I bought a mint plant just so I could make my own!

Veronica said...

I love those Christmasy lights. They're gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. Mmm... Mojitos are the best :)


Jennifer said...

I don't think I would ever stay home if I lived in such a gorgeous area! I love your pictures; if I took pictures of my outings you would see cows and pickup trucks.

Jennifer :)

And BTW, mojitos are my very favorite! To bad I'm working today...otherwise I just might have had one with lunch.

Poppyprint said...

Beautiful photos! Ok, adding Aix-en-Provence to our list! Macaroons....mmmmmmm.

Margaret said...

Oooh each picture is a work of art! Makes me want to cry...

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