Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogapalooza Redux

It's been a dark and rainy weekend here in Provence. My two favourite Texan expats lifted the gloominess by organising another Blogazpalooza get together for Saturday.

Last time we met in Aix-en-Provence, this time at Mamma Corsica's in Avignon.


We had a great time chatting about blogging and all the joys and annoyances of living overseas.

Bringing Sexy Back: counterclockwise from the right:
Aidan (with my bub) from Conjugating Irregular Verbs
Sara Louise from Le Petit Village
Samantha from Love, Life and Living in France
Piglet (with her gorgeous Petite Piglet) from Piglet in France 
B from Is there such a Thing as too much Cheese
Sarah from St Bloggie de Riviere
we were also joined (after this photo was taken) by Ameena from Mummy in Provence

And because there wasn't a man in sight this time (save the baby) we could freely discuss whose husband likes to dance about the house nude and whose has a strange penchant for teabags.

I will take it to the grave.


The restaurant was very salt-of-the-earth; plenty of bits and bobs hanging from the walls and rafters.


We were the only ones there which meant we could stretch out and didn't have to keep our cackling in check. Just as well as the baby decided to exercise his lungs just before his nap (while Samantha was sharing the super romantic story of how she came to marry her French husband).

Corsican flag on the wall.

The food was similarly honest, as Corsican fare is renowned for.

I started with the charcuterie plate:


And a few of us finished with the very tasty lemon ricotta cheesecake-like dessert:


Delish! Thank you ladies for a bright spot in an otherwise sunless weekend.

In closing, a question. If someone should happen to spend an entire day in their pyjamas, does one have to have another shower before going back to bed? Just asking.


Susan said...

Only if you did the housework in those PJs!!! Great photos again Kirsty! It looks like a great group of friends! And a fun time was had! Off to check out some of their blogs before getting ready for work!

diana said...

As you might have noticed from the answers to my giveaway post, it seems pijamas-all-day it's fairly popular in quilters' blogland. I'd go for a no :D

As for your meeting, you managed to stay away from the pics again. No fun

Lady Demelza said...

absolutely not. and think how proud you can feel that you saved water and precious resources. do it often enough and you won't have to clean the shower so soon, nor your clothes so often. see? plenty of fabulous reasons to stay in your pj's and not shower. you're not being lazy, you're saving the earth.
lucky me, i often get to stay in my pj's all day. the funny thing is, if i get right to the end of the day and it's bedtime again, i just cannot get to sleep unless i change into different jarmies. no shower required. i wonder why that is? perhaps the pj's themselves get too excited after a whole day out and about in daylight and don't want to go back to bed?

Sarah said...

What super photos! They really capture the ambiance of the place.

It was a great chat-fest and I'm so glad I was there to meet everyone. It was well worth braving the ghastly weather.

re pjs, if you're going to slob out all day, you might as well go the whole hog and forget the shower. Why compromise? :)

Lauren said...

Looks like a great get together. I'm off to check out some of the other blogs now.
PS Your baby looks very cuddly.

Sara Louise said...

Only shower if you're planning on putting on fresh PJs. That's what I do. But I like Hefner, can treat PJs like an outfit.

And your post is why I didn't bother to take photos... yours are brilliant! We don't even look half bad either, and no small feat considering all the rain.
But, I'm crediting the photographer on that one.
It was great seeing you, wish we had had more time. We'll have to plan something soon x

Anonymous said...

Of course not! I wouldn't anyway, but it's been a long time since I did it. I think it goes well with babies.

Looks like a very nice evening out for you all. Fancy looking food too! Very nice indeed. Hope you are enjoying that cute little button of a baby.

Sarah Red Gingham

Jo Mc said...

Uh, no way with the shower, K, that's crazy talk. 'Course if you wanted to be fancy I'm on board with Lady Demelza and you could just change the PJs before going back to bed. Just to mix it up a little. And PS, yum! My hubby's not sure if he's more jealous of the photos or the cheesecake. (Hint: it's both.)

Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Ah, what fantastic photos! And what an amazing time! So glad I was able to meet all the girls – worth the nightmare of a time I had getting back to Toulouse. (an hour train delay!) Great meeting you and your little man.


Ameena Falchetto (MummyinProvence) said...

Great pics! Was great to meet you all :)

michelle said...

personally, i like the pj's all day, shower and clean pj's for bed routine. your blog friend lunch looks super lovely.

Eva said...

Lovely pictures and those ladies looks like lovely people, too! :-) I'm glad you had such a good time, this kind of girly get-togethers are great! :-)

On your question, I think I wouldn't bother ... :-D

PigletinFrance said...

Fantastic photos! What camera do you have? My DH says it must be a Nikon?

The place was really a great choice, I thought it was fab and really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Re your question (I'm a bit late but thought I'd chip in for future reference) I'd not bother although it depends if I was ill or not. If ill then yes, I'd probably have a shower as it often makes me feel better, if not wouldn't bother!

Virginia said...

I love blog gatherings as well and merci for inviting us all along for yours. I think I can still here the laughs and giggles! Your photographs are wonderful I might add.

B said...

What great photos!

I felt like I was bringing rain-soaked and frazzled back, rather than sexy, but I'm pleased you thought otherwise!

It was lovely to see you again - and meet all the other girls.


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