Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breaking News: Hard to get things done with a newborn in the house.

Just stating the obvious in case anyone is wondering why I've been such a terrible blogger so far this month.

But one of the (many) benefits of a newborn is:


Divine hand crocheted blanket (thank you Maaike

Finest Italian fashion (bisous Blandina)

Moda the dog; the newest addition to the family (merci Sarah)

Wise words (relatives) and a little something just for me, me, me (the Texan connection: Aidan and Sara Louise)

A little bit of sewing to machine quilt the baby's blanket. 

It's not going to bind itself, kid, hop to it.

Plenty of Patty Young's Sanctuary line, with a bit of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow and a navy Essex Linen/Cotton blend. Sashed with Kona White.

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Will continue to post when I can, but only if I have something interesting to say!


  1. Most impressed that you have found time to sew! The quilt is gorgeous Kirsty. Love all your sweet gifts - enjoy being spoilt.

  2. Oh..he's gorgeous! What a cutie pie! Your quilts pretty decent as well.

  3. Oh he's a total treasure! Just gorgeous. Lovely presents. Your quilt looks beautiful. I'm haivng a wee giveaway if you fancied popping over to enter. Hugs, Em x

  4. Oh your little man is adorable in his blue knitted booties! I hope he is being good for you? The quilt is lovely! Much love S x

  5. i am not sure what i love more, the quilt or the bubba. they are both delicious. hope you are getting a little bit of a rest here and there. Mx

  6. Hi there Kirsty,
    Goodness, you have a newborn plus other kids, plus a husband....and you expect to have time to blog?!! :) No expectations from me, family first and all that except if blogging is something that keeps you sane, then I hope you find time for it.
    Your gorgeous little man is growing and looks so adorable. Love your presents too.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  7. I wasn't expecting to hear from you again until next year, so you're doing well!

    I hope you're settling into a routine with the gorgeous little guy...and hopefully sleep isn't evading you too much.

    He is DIVINE!!!


  8. Oh honestly woman you are still quilting!! What are you talking about super woman?? I love how huge that quilt looks with your little baby on it. He's a real little sweetie. The quilt is looking amazing too! Love the fabrics. I do like the looks of your pressies, it's the best part of a new arrival I think. Enjoy yourselves!

  9. Sweet Kirsty, it all looks totally amazing! And the quilt of course with the baby on it, is the best part of it. Simply Gorgeous. And tough you to be even working on it!
    Enjoy your new pretty boy,

    love Maaike

  10. Awesome gifts!!! (of course, the baby being the best gift of all)

  11. Congratulations on winning the giveaway from A Spoonful Of Sugar so that I had the chance to discover your lovely blog! I had a little look around and it is soo nice! Also congratulations on the arrival of your little baby boy, he is gorgeous! About the lack of sleep, don’t worry it gets better after about 3 years :)

  12. Your wee boy is so gorgeous, Kirsty. Love, love, love this quilt.

    Just saw your win over at A Spoonful of Sugar - congrats on winning the Go Baby. I bet you'll put in to good use and will be wowing us with even more beautiful quilts.

  13. OH that precious boy is getting cuter by the minute, and so is that quilt! :)

  14. Oh my goodness. I realized when I was responding to your comment that I haven't been reading blogs lately and there might be a baby in the house. He is just adorable!! Congratulations to you and your family. Hope you're getting some sleep!
    Take care


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