Friday, September 24, 2010

A Dash Across the Pond

Tomorrow I am off to the US for 5 exciting, childless days. I'm visiting my sister and her brand new baby boy (okay, so maybe not completely childless), the one I made this playmat for:


I would love to stay longer, but the mister can't get more time off from work to look after the baby (the older two are in school).

On the flights there and back I am hoping to make considerable advances on my cathedral windows wall hanging.


I trialled fixing the 'window ledges', as I think of them, in three ways:

1. By machine
2. Hand stitching - hand quilting style, the stitch a part of the design, and
3. Hand stitching - tricky, invisible applique-like stitching.

Of course, to be difficult, myself decided that it preferred No. 3, the more time consuming and finicky method of the three. Yay, thanks self. So onward we go.

This is my little carry-on sewing kit; I hope it meets the carry-on luggage requirements (which seem to depend on which security person is reviewing your bag that day).


It's just a spool of thread, a small, non-threatening needle and a plastic letter opener which was a freebie in a local insurance agency's mail-drop. I have also heard that a small pair of nail clippers will make it through, so I have one of those for the home trip, should this be confiscated.


Even if my thread clipping tools get confiscated on both legs of the trip, it won't cut my quilting buzz. Waiting for me at my sister's house is about 20 yards of quilting fabric which I ordered and had sent to her place. Cheap fabric (compared to European prices), super cheap shipping, very happy sewer!

I'm off to pack the barest of suitcases so I have plenty of weight allowance left to carry home my purchases.

Have a happy weekend!


Eva said...

Congratulations, auntie! :-) Have fun across the pond (and on the journey there, keeping my fingers crossed they won't confiscate anything!) The cathedral windows are looking good! :-)

Also, I'm curious about the fabric you got there! Clever you! Nice quilting fabric here in Europe is really more hard to come by and usually more expensive!

Have a good trip!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your cathedral window project! I have made a few cushions using that technique and prefer the hand sewing too:) Love how you have filled all the background white spaces with colour too - can't wait to see the finished project.

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