Saturday, August 21, 2010

Australia Votes

It's already tomorrow in Australia, and tomorrow is a federal election.

Australian politics have been crazy of late (well, crazy for Australia) and this election will either keep the recently appointed Julia Gillard in place or elect the Coalition.


Given we are overseas we elected to vote by post. Our votes have already been counted in Paris and we wait along with the rest of nation to see what the outcome will be.

Living in France we are a bit out of touch with the minor parties vying for seats. It wasn't until I saw the ballot sheet that I realised how out of touch.


The Australian Sex Party? 

Really? Wow.

We have also missed all the hype over protest votes, but even an uninformed expat can see how juvenile this route is. As Amy from Badskirt has written, if you chose to cast a empty ballot paper in protest of the choices offered you are giving up on the nation. No matter how many blank ballots are received, a party will still be elected - will it be the 'bad' party or the 'even worse' party (media words, not my own)? Your lack of vote will contribute by allowing another vote to go uncontested.  Even if it is a 'better of two evils' vote, cast it.

So to recap: pull on your big girl panties, Australia, and vote.

All grown-ups do it and you want to make yours count.

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A Treasured Past said...

Hi Kirsty, hilarious wasn't it. My husband voted for that party because he thought he might get more..hehe. Hello from Aus, Tamara

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