Tuesday, July 6, 2010


While our friends were here the other week we took them to Roussillon for a day.

Roussillon is a lovely village in the Luberon Valley. The earth there is rich in pigment and the town had several ochre mines in 'ye olden days' (mining ceased in the '30s).  There is a mine site to tour and plenty of shops peddling gorgeous artworks painted with the colours of Roussillon.

The best way to see the various colours of Roussillon is to wander through the streeets of the town itself. Most of the houses are painted in the beautiful bright hues we've come to associate with Provence.

I'm a sucker for a red door. Or shutters.

Also snapped, this fab trompe l'oeil painting in the centre of the village:

Another fantastic day in Southern France.


Liza in Ann Arbor said...

I just discovered your blog and have been trolling around. These photos are stunning! I've been to Roussillon a couple of times and totally remember this door (and some stunning lavender ice cream I had there!) I'm planning another trip to Provence this summer and have been looking around for ideas. Beautiful posts you have.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks Liza, have fun planning your trip. I love the planning part, so exciting!

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