Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What we're up to...

At the moment we are eating these fresh from the garden:

Enjoying the last of these:

Loving how our lavender has gone from this:

To these sweet-smelling, bee-luring beauties:

And just enjoying the garden in general:

Inside, I'm working on a new cushion cover, which will be pieced together from these log cabin triangles. I've got a whole lot more of these on my sewing table.

I can't look at these fabulous colours from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line all together and not hug the next person I see.*

These fabrics are gorgeous and cheerful and exactly what our living room needs.

The idea for the log cabin triangles came from the book Le Log Cabin...Libre by Shizuko Kuroha. The book only comes in French and Japanese, and while my French isn't parfait, it's practically university level compared to my Japanese, so I bought my copy here (a great link as it lets you leaf through a few pages). I love the book - plenty of unusual quilts and inspiration for your own designs. For the non-beginner quilter I think there are enough diagrams and photos to overcome the language barrier, should you ne lis pas franรงais.

But sewing will have to wait for a few days - we have very good friends arriving tomorrow and I can't wait to show them all our favourites (food, wine, markets, villages) in our little corner of Provence. France is twice as fun when you can share it with the folks you love!

*I'll admit this was a bit embarrassing when the man came to pump the septic tank. Well, embarrassing for him. I just don't care because I'm going to have a pretty cushion. 

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