Thursday, July 11, 2013

School Holidays

Yes, I know you folks in the Northern Hemisphere are out of school, period. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we're in the throes of winter but at least we had two weeks' school holidays to break up the season.

We headed north (which equals warmer down here) for a week at the Sunshine Coast.


I must set you straight about winter in the state of Queensland, lest you are feeling sorry for us. Being a sub-tropical/tropical state, winter is rather delicious. Here in the vicinity of Brisbane we get an average of 20℃ (68℉) during the day and 12℃ (54℉) at night, and that's the cooler end of Queensland. It only gets better the further north you go.


Our week at Perigian Beach started a bit dreary but ended with sunshine and 22℃ (72℉). Sublime.


We also spent a rainy afternoon at the Yandina Ginger Factory with its tropical gardens and little train:

Scones with cream and ginger marmalade

Another damp day was spent at Underwater World:

Rows of sharks teeth within a Great White's jaw bone, waiting to be called to duty

Otters look so cute, but I reckon they could easily chew your hand off. Probably squeaking adorably as they did so. 


As the weather fined up we got in some beach time and a nice walk in the Maleny Rainforest.


There was also time to enjoy a bakery take-away lunch at the Noosa Botanic Gardens, where the kids had a ball:


There's no shortage of meandering paths to wander:


Or picturesque picnic points:


Alright, enough of the Sunshine Coast and on to the giveaway for the latest issue of Down Under Quilts.  The ole random number generator tells me that the magazine will be heading over to Austria:

making its new home with Needle Little Balance.

(I always hate leaving the first comment for a giveaway because it never comes up. Until now, hooray!)

Almost Friday - I hope you've all got something fun planned for the weekend. Might be a spot of gardening for us here. We had a new deck put on the front of the house (it's a highset house) and the garden underneath it was pretty much destroyed by the process. Time to remedy!


  1. Hi there! It looks like you had a lovely holiday! The first pic is especially beautiful! And the otters and badass crab made me smile! And that little blonde curly head! :-)

  2. Hooray!!! + Thank you!
    I have never ever won in giveaways and being the first to comment I didn´t expect it here either. Such a nice surprise! I´m only feeling a little bad for you because you have to send it to the other side of the world.

    I enjoy your pics and all the -to me- exotic fauna. Only the second pic could have been taken at the baltic sea. Wonder if your kids climb up and down the sides of your new deck (as a kid I certainly would have tried)

    P.S. Your winter looks definitely better than most of our summer this year.

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! I'm guessing you send the kids out ahead of you on your walks and scare the rest of the visitors away- there is no one IN Noosa! They must be - half my students go there! Beautiful photos as usual! Love the sea creatures!

  4. Ha! We both have photos of kids running on the beach today. Looks like a great getaway and not bad weather for winter. We'd take a bit of that for our Paris summer!

  5. I think I could live in a subtropical state :) Looks lovely over there!

  6. Love winter in the Sunshine State. Good to see your second youngest has overcome his aversion to sand!

  7. someday I would like to visit your corner of the world...sigh!

  8. I'm on the first flight to Brisbane, those temps are just how I like them, it's pushing 30C here which is way too hot for me. And those beaches are empty! Don't worry, I'm not feeling sorry for you at all ;)

  9. Your photos are stunning! I especially loved the one with three of your kids climbing the bank. Those otters were also adorable! Definitely my favorite animal here in Canada. Did you know that sea otters hold hands? Google the YouTube video. You will NOT be disappointed :) love those darn otters lol

  10. Oh yes, looks like an awful winter ;o)

  11. The kids look like they are having a great time enjoying 'winter'! I can't get over the curls on the littlest one... so stinking cute! x

  12. Quite different from the Winter in Provence, and the snow in your French garden!

  13. You make me want to return to the Sunshine Coast for a holiday! Beautiful photos and lovely macros too!


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