Monday, November 29, 2010


Starting to get cold now.


The bird bath has frozen solid.


At least the weeds look pretty when they sparkle.


Finished this little girl play mat on the weekend.


Used some left over charm squares with strips of Kona Lime for the back (and more Kona Snow).


The quilting is all straight lines, often seen around quilting sites (in particular, Rita at Red Pepper Quilts).


I went with an Amy Butler Lotus print in polka dots for the binding. Fun, modern, not too sugary.


These are nice and easy to make up, which is just as well given the influx of babies amongst our friends. There are two boys inbound, not to mention two other friends who aren't going to find out the sex (so I need to make two of each flavour for them). Will keep me busy!



  1. What an absolute beauty! And your friends will keep you busy I see... :-)
    Enjoy your week, love Maaike

  2. That quilt is so pretty, sunny, bright and cheerful after seeing your cold winter snaps.

  3. Vraiment très joli, bravo !
    Ici aussi il fait très froid avec de la neige !!!

  4. That's such a pretty quilt you've made. Lucky friends you have! Love your frozen photos. I wish my weeds could be frozen in time for a while.

  5. I love this girly quilt, too! Really pretty! Great frost pics! Here it's also still seriously cold!!

    There's always the option to go for a "gender-neutral" quilt ... But I've noticed that those neutrals tend to lean to one or the other side anyway ... Don't know. I saw this and thought it was REALLY cute:

    Happy sewing! :-)

  6. What a sweet baby quilt - you can't go wrong with Amy Lotus Dots.

    We have just had our hottest November on record - your frosty pics look most inviting.

  7. It is cold. I was in northern Aix this morning and there were cars that had slipped off the icy roads into the ditch!
    What a pretty quilt, I love the Kona lime green.

  8. Sorry, but it is really warm here today as our first official day of summer begins tomorrow.

    Gorgeous photos and I love the quilt.

    Pam x

  9. Your photos are always stunning, Kirsty...I love taking a peek into your life in Southern France :-)

    The play mat is so sweet...I can't wait to see what you create for the other bubs on the way!


  10. Beautiful baby quilt, but what I really love are the crispy, frosty leaves! I have a quilting book by Joen Wolfrom called "Visual Coloring," in which she suggests using nature photos as color inspirations for quilts. For example, your first photo has shades of brown, but there are also some slightly yellowish greens, and some olives that give just a hint of color to the neutrals. (Oh, no! I do NOT need another quilt inspiration. I need to just finish the ones I've started.)

  11. Now I have an image of birds with little skates on, ice skating around the frozen bird bath!

  12. Kirsty,
    Thinking of you today because I started the baby's stocking. Not at all professional, but full of love nonetheless!
    happy sunday,
    aidan x

  13. Hello Kirsty,
    Miss your blogging.
    Hope its only the cold weather keeping you from us.
    Nathalie x


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