Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day 2012

Lest we forget DSCF0387


  1. When I went to Australia, I was very surprised, and very touched, to see the ANZAC monuments, with the names of the places where those soldiers died. Very often, they were places in the North of France, where the fights have been very hard.
    Those men did not know those places, nor the people there. They surely lead a good life downunder, but they left their families to come and help us, and often they died or were badly hurt.
    They deserve more recognition, and a big thank you.

  2. Lovely tribute. Hope your trip is going well!

  3. Perfect photo for Anzac Day.

  4. Thank you Kirsty for educating me a little better. I just read the entry about ANZAC in Wikipedia.
    Thank you to your valorous soldiers for their help in making Europe and the world free of evil twice in the last century.
    annick5424 at gmail dot com

  5. A fitting tribute. Those poor dear sons...row upon row.

  6. Oh Kirsty, what a perfect image.
    Raising a glass and nibbling an ANZAC bikkie...
    lest we forget.

  7. My husband & I visited the Villers-Bretonneux Australian National Memorial in 2008. It was a very moving experience to see so many names on the Memorial walls, my husband placed a poppy that we had purchased in Australia, alongside the name of my husband's Great Uncle. Lest We Forget.
    On a lighter note, the game is now on, Essendon vs Collingwood, and my husband has gone for a short walk during half time as Essendon is down by 2 goals.

  8. Perfect photo. Evocative and thoughtful. Lest we forget.

  9. None of us I suspect, can ever know what horrors these young soldiers experienced...for those killed, let's hope that they are at peace, and for us left, hope that we learn something from the futility of war. This image is very moving. I remember visiting some of the war graves in Northern France many years ago and I was reduced to tears.

  10. chillingly accurate. a brillant photo. Helen

  11. War graves will always move me to tears. And so they should.

  12. your ability to capture so much emotion in a single image amazes me. beautiful


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