Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Queen of Diamonds

OK you guys - are you ready for the queen sized version of Diamonds in the Deep?

You absolutely must go over to Kim's blog, Leland Ave Studios, and see how her test of the queen sized version of the pattern turned out. You'll love it! (and make sure you tell her)

I'm so proud of Kim because she was apprehensive about making such a large quilt but she powered through it like a trooper.

Again, as with the lap and twin sized testers, I love the colours and prints that Kim chose. I don't want to give away too much, but here's a hint:

sneak peekery.

Pop over to Kim's to see it in it's complete glory!


  1. Isn't it incredible?! That orange just glows! And it rightly should be declared "Queen of Diamonds"!!

  2. Kims quilt is stunning, you really did save the best for last!

  3. Thanks so much for all of your support throughout! Working with you on this project has been such a great opportunity. I got to challenge myself, make a new friend, and I get to have a gorgeous quilt in the end! Who's the big winner?! I am!! Thanks for the fantastic design and your well-written instruction! So happy to have been a part of the process! xoxo

  4. Wow, that's more like Sparklers At Sunset

  5. Yes! Gorgeous! And I agree with the Sparklers at Sunset! :-)


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