Friday, July 25, 2014

Red Letter Day. Except in Blue.

Hello all! Just thought I'd squeeze in a little post before the weekend.

If you've been following me on Instagram (it took a while, but I've finally found my way over there) then you'd have seen this already:


This is the Red Letter Day quilt I started at Camille's class last month. As it's for one of my boys I decided on a blue/green/aqua colour scheme, and I added an extra row of stars to bring it up to twin size (the blocks are 22.5" square).


I ummed and ahhhed about the back until I decided that I would use all my left over scraps to put together some improv-style blocks.


When I was through I remembered that I was planning to do a scrappy binding, but now had no scraps. D'oh. I might just go with the solid turquoise for binding now (same as the central, inverse star).


In other news, I'm hoping to get the pattern shop set up this weekend and finally put my first pattern up for sale. I'm a bit of a tech klutz so keep your fingers crossed I don't short out the internet while I'm at it.

And finally, do you remember when I used to do French video clips on Fridays? Well, I've got an Aussie one for you. (If you're Australian you're probably at saturation point with this song, but I just have to plug the local talent.)

This band is from Brisbane (where I live!) and I'm fond of the video because 1. Creative use of cardboard and 2. Blue hair. (I also love that the lead singer and the two girls are siblings.)

Say Geronimo and have a wonderful weekend! (ETA: Video link here if it doesn't work below.)

ETAA: They have made a new video for the song as they are about to launch themselves on the (unsuspecting) US. That might explain why folks outside Australia can't see the first video. International video is below: 1. No cardboard. Boo. 2. Blue hair still there, yay!

Can someone outside Australia tell me if they can see this one? Ta.


  1. great quilt and love this song!

  2. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." What? I guess what happens in Australia, stays in Australia. I can't help but feel like I'm missing out.

  3. Grrrr! My vacationing laptop can't read the video. It will have to wait until I am home next week. Your quilt top looks great and plain binding will be perfect! Good luck with the pattern shop, I'm ready to 'play'!

  4. The latter video works fine in Finland. Your quilt is fabulous! They always are!

  5. Working in the UK, and I love it! Quilts pretty good too!

  6. Love the quilt! Your dedication astounds me......can't imagine joining all those tiny pieces for a quilt back. Isn't that song great......just the song to turn up loud and sing along to while the neighbouring cars stare amused.

  7. Great tune - I could see video #2. Thanks for sharing. Quilt's not bad either ; )

  8. Mmmm surprising or not... why a new video, old one better... 'nuff said.

  9. I was reading this post and guess what song came on the radio - good thing that I love it too:) Your quilt looks amazing - I was thinking it would be a good pattern for my teenage sons quilts when I finally get around to making them.

  10. Hello! You've been busy!! :-) I love the quilt top and the binding story sounds like something that could happen to me! I'm looking forward to see the finished quilt, it's such a striking pattern! And please don't frizz the internet, thanks! :-D

  11. Gorgeous! I love the way the fabrics work together! You did a fabulous job!

  12. Oooh, pretty colours and gorgeous top!

  13. Fabulous choice of fabrics and music.


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