Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Half Square Triangles (HST) table runner

Here's a small finish - a table runner from HSTs.

Quilted table runner made from half square triangles

Honestly, I'm not too sure about this one.

I love the hand quilting details but I don't think I've used the right colour for the binding. I was trying to avoid using orange and being too match-matchy, but now I think that Metro Living print might have been a better choice?

orange hand quilting in a diamond shape

I also can't get the bloody wrinkles out! I ironed it face down on a flannel to avoid flattening the hand stitching and this is how it ended up. Anyone have any hints for me or do I just need to re-adjust my expectations?

This table runner was made from left over HSTs I made for my Modern Chevron Quilt.


I laid them all out and then sewed the diagonal rows together.


I straight line machine quilted all the non-colour blocks:

using a ruler to mark out quilting lines across the width

Then I marked a different design on the orange HST units.

The pattern marked on the coloured HST blocks, ready for hand quilting

At first I machine quilted over the lines, but the effect wasn't strong enough so I broke out the big guns (perle cotton no. 5). I really like the texture it adds.


The backing is a single piece of fabric and the binding is a Quilter's Linen.


I feel like it still needs something else - maybe some blanket stitching around the binding with orange perle cotton? More contemplation required I think.


Perhaps with a gin and tonic.


  1. I think it is great just the way it is!
    Sometimes, when I look at my projects too long, I don't like them. If I leave it for a week or so, come back, I love them just the way they are!
    Maybe take a break from it, then come back, you'll really like it too!
    No more additions needed!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. I love it! But orange gets me every time!

  3. Fabulous! Perfect the way it is! You'll learn to embrace the wrinkles! (Well, I've learned to live with mine!!)

  4. What are you on about, it looks amazing!

  5. Well a G&T always helps ;) but I think it's pretty fabulous just the way it is. What about stitching the Perle on the binding itself for just a subtle bit of colour?

  6. i really love that......thought it was huge at first till read script.....what wrinkles!

  7. I really like the color and design of this. From a painter's point of view, what you may be seeing is the grey border value is very close to the value of the rest of the grey-white body of the design. A darker grey would make it pop out more.
    However, the subtlety is very nice and don't change what you have but apply it to another effort later.
    One of the problems with choosing colors is that there are so many possibilities and you can never choose flawlessly. Go with your gut and emotion when choosing which color to use. You have an excellent feel for your work.

    1. Yes, I think you're right there Richard. The orange would be too much for a border, but a darker grey would hit the spot. Thank you!

  8. I love it! I think the binding actually works very well... it doesn't detract from the overall design which is something I think bindings can do sometimes.

    For the wrinkles {which I don't really see ;)} have you tried a tiny bit of cornstartch mixed with water in a spray bottle? Press just like you did before with a low heat setting. I've had to do this before and it worked well.

    Jennifer :)

  9. I adore this and think it works together perfectly, but I also think you're right about it (or anything!) calling for a G&T.

  10. What wrinkles? Have a G and T.
    It looks fabulous Kirsty.and I love the embroidery.

  11. Oh I LOVE the hand quilting on this, but I don't see any wrinkles...

  12. maybe a dark grey/charcoal binding would have had a bit more of impact given the vibrant orange, or you could use some dark grey thread for more handstitching near/on the binding?? it looks pretty good though as it is, and for wrinkles, starch and steam the cr*p out of it - that might work? otherwise it might just be the bias of the triangles acting up? stick with the G&T though!

    1. You might be right about the bias there Helen, given it's more undulations than wrinkles. I think it will be easier to just have another G&T, which is the equivalent of putting on a soft-focus filter. What wrinkles?

  13. I like it - especially for a 'leftovers' project. The HSTs look like little parachutes floating away in the wind. Maybe this quilt doesn't need to be framed by the binding? Make another binding with the fabric you used for the neutral HSTs or have another G&Tand some chocolate and call it a process project!

  14. Ohh this looks gorgeous! Well done...

  15. I wish I had that many wrinkles! I don't see them at all. I love it. I so envy your precision. you are amazing. And yes there should always be a G&T at hand

  16. Beautiful design! Like a modern print of jellyfish. I wouldn´t undo the binding but I would add another line of handquilting in orange just 1/8" next to the binding to frame it.

  17. I really like this. I see orange parchutes too - maybe it could also work as a wallhanging? If you're not in love with the low contrast of the binding, maybe a line of quilting in a darker grey or orange right next to the binding would do the trick? But really, it's fine just the way it is!

  18. You are really embracing Tangerine! Love it and I don't think you need to change or add to the binding. I see hot air balloons.

  19. Another winner, of course. I agree, something is missing around the edge: maybe one or two rows of orange running stitches?


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