Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoy the Journey

Sometimes I get so focussed on what I need to get finished that I forget to enjoy myself along the way.

I made this little embroidery to remind me to take a chill pill and be present.


To me the journey is not just about achieving dreams or goals, but also about those myriad little tasks that must be done every day, especially when raising little children. I'm trying to find the fun and beauty in these things too, instead of wishing them done already. I can't afford to wish any time away. Remember that baby I had the other day? Well he's almost five months old and ready to start eating solids. Scary.


This started with some taupe French linen. I then raided my yellow scrap bin and used a double sided fusible to attach the rounded squares.

I made a template for the squares with an opaque milk bottle

The script came next - I used Kirsty kootoyoo's modified stem stitch video. I need more practice judging my starting points so the letters look more natural (you can see this on my 'y's, should have continued the tail line right to the top of the letter). I probably should have used thinner floss too (I used all 6 strands which was hard going punching through the linen and square's fabric).


After the script I toyed with blanket stitching each square down, but it just looked too busy, even with yellow floss. I stuck to backstitch and I think it looks unified and just busy enough.


For the back I finished it off as per this tutorial. I didn't have any double-sided tape in the house though, so it's just sitting there under it's own pressure at the moment.


I will go back and tape it eventually as the fabric is quite bulky with the yellow squares and needs some help staying put.


This piece took me a bit longer to finish than planned (I had originally wanted to enter it in the Celebrate Colour competition), but I followed my own advice and completed it in my own time, enjoying every stitch.


Have a great week everyone - remember to enjoy yourselves!


  1. Oh you're so right, I find it hard to enjoy the project i'm on sometimes as I'm already planning the next one.

    What a gorgeous way to be reminded to chill, I love the yellows - my favourite colour right now, beautiful job.

  2. That is SO lovely Kirsty! The yellow screams Summer! Yes, we do indeed need to enjoy the journey!

  3. i just can't get over the placement of your new piece in that last photo. how incredibly perfect. how obliging of mother nature to provide.

  4. I love this and I LOVE that saying! Might have to make myself a reminder like this too, we forget to easily don't we?!

  5. It really is lovely! And the sentiment is spot on!! May your journey be long and blessed x

  6. Lovely. Kind of unusual and has so much visual interest. What a lovely finishing job you did too - I'd never seen the back done so nicely. Sweet.

  7. Whoa, five months, really?! :-O

    I love the project and design and also that sentence! You are so right, often we miss the great things going on right under our noses because we are somewhere else in our thoughts ... I think your letters look great, by the way!

  8. Lovely, lovely. A beautiful reminder.

  9. Oh Kirsty I am trying so hard to enjoy this time. We are doing so many fun things which balances out the boring jobs that seem to be never ending.

    Absolutely love your little sign! Love the yellows and that writing is perfect. Six threads is hard going but the words stand out so much better for it. I'm sure you will be able to enter it in something else.

    Hope that little baby slows down growing up for you. So rude how they do that! Hope your other little people are enjoying the Christmas season.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  10. Oooh, how pretty! What a fab idea, and love the colours on linen. Which reminds me, I'm sure I have some linen I grabbed in Carpentras market over the summer, must go dig it out!

  11. That looks so pretty, and the embroidery is just perfect. I definitely agree with you, sometimes I get so caught up in finishing a project I lose sight of the enjoyment of making it.
    Wow five months, it seems like last week, time is really flying isn't it.

  12. Gorgeous! The whole world could do with slowing down and enjoying the journey.

  13. I just love this, what a great idea. And you did a really good job on the finishing too. I may have to do one myself. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That's good advice. I'm sure I'm not going to be living the tranquil life in a beautiful village forever, I should really take the time to smell the flowers...

    And I laughed at what you said about Hello Kitty over on my guest post. So funny. So true. x

  15. Congratulations on achieving another beauty, I like the project, the colours, the stitching.
    I admire your resolution, I know how difficult it is with 4 young kids but just thinking about it means giving yourself some consideration. You see what I mean? You are not a machine and deserve some nice moments for yourself. Someone once told me: take the time to smell the roses.

  16. No matter one's age or place in life, this is a perfect message for us all. We just need to breath it all in and enjoy the moments, the experiences, the sounds, the tastes, and the people around us.

    I love how this has finished... just beautiful!


  17. I love this so much! Yellow is my favorite. :)

  18. What a gorgeous finish. I love the sunny, gorgeous yellow that you picked for it.


  19. Yes, I totally see Celebrate Color there. Well, it is our own little celebration of yellow today! Don't be hard on yourself with the text embroidery - it's gorgeous. I love all those little square of yellow. Oh, dear, you would have won... but there's something better than winning, isn't there. Here's to enjoying!

  20. This is gorgeous. I love the words, the colour, the shape- everything! I've little ones myself. This year I'll be asking Father Christmas for more time to enjoy them!

  21. Super DUPER lovely, ah, this is simply adorable. I'm currently on a hand stitching & sewing ban (it's killing me, my profession of a decade) waiting for hand surgery, love Posie


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