Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HST coffee table mat

Thank you, everyone, for your birthday wishes. You perked me up so much I no longer mind being thirty *youknowwhat* Thanks!

Secondly, if you've been watching the news you would have seen the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Over 150 dead, the city centre in ruins and more damage/fatalities yet to be uncovered. It's heartbreaking. If you can, please head over to the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Appeal and make a donation of any size. Thank you.

Well, I have a finish to report. It's not much, but you have to grab them when they happen! I don't know why, but this thing seemed to take forevvvvver to finish.


For the uninitiated, HST stands for half-square triangles, which gives a hint as to how these blocks are made.


I quilted with the square blocks, but also some lines on the diagonal, and I really liked how it turned out. The lines made triangles across the piece - in both the taupe triangles:


And where the coloured triangles met:


The material is all from IKEA - a multicoloured duvet cover cut up for the colours (thanks for the tip, Diana!) and the taupe is a Dvala bed sheet. The binding was my favourite red on the duvet.

Before I sewed my HST blocks together I had some fun auditioning layouts on my design wall.

Hearts and Diamonds

Offset diamond

Funky offset diamond

Cross - I'm having layout regret over this one, I think I should have made it.

Cross with heart. Bit lame, I know, but it was Valentine's Day.

Crazy maze.

I'm thinking I might have to make something else in that cross shape, it does something for me.

Which design do you prefer?



  1. I'll have the organic one in the back :))))))

    Now seriously, I love it! But why on the table? It will look great on the new baby ;).

  2. Happy Birthday! Don't worry about thirty-something. Anything with a 3 before it is young ;-)
    Love this quilt, the pattern that you chose is quiet and comforting to look at. The other patterns are a bit more energetic.....

  3. I made a little doll quilt with HST- they are fun to play with! Yours looks lovely - I especially love how the quilting turned out!

  4. I love it!! If you are going to make a second one then I'd choose the crosse one too. I can believe you could be so patient to design so many on your wall! Your cushions on the sofas look so beautiful as well.

  5. It looks fabulous Kirsty, when I saw the photos on flickr I was intrigued to see which one you would choose. I must say I agree with you, I like the cross layout as well, and for some inexplicable reason Im very drawn to the crazy maze layout, it's really interesting.

  6. Love the idea of using an IKEA doona cover for the fabric - gives me a good excuse for another trip to IKEA! Your table mat looks so pretty and your sofa looks so cosy with the collection of cushions you have made.

  7. Cross Cross Cross OR Funky Maze xxx
    Yes the Earthquake is pretty devastating and even tho I'm so close I feel so damn far away and helpless - I've done another call out for QAYG blocks and will make more quilts - I sent 32 to Christchurch last week that were made after the initial September 04th earthquake.
    Happy belated birthday
    xx on the countdown till we get to Europe xx Paris Disneyland brochure has arrived so I'm extra excited now xx

  8. The cross is awesome, but I also like the funky offset diamond and the crazy maze. The triangle log cabin on the sofa is also gorgeous!

  9. This is really pretty! I love the colours and the quilting pattern echoing and highlighting the layout! Apart from the version you made, I really like the offset diamond design. Love your little patchwork display on the sofa as well!

  10. The crazy maze and offset diamonds are my fave's....and love the look of your room too...

  11. you are so damn neat. i love it. the quilting is perfect. especially like the offset diamond

  12. Wow, it's stunning!! It looks absolutely fantastic. HSTs scare the hell out of me!! I like the crazy maze design too. I bought some bedsheets from IKEA for the fabric too! Just black and white though... Their duvet covers are really expensive over here.

  13. Happy Belated B-day Kristy...

    I'm catching up on your blog-- I just love all of your patterns and creations.. WOW! Very beautiful and impressive!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful b-day...

    Soooo sad and tragic about NZ. I have a kiwi friend in Hamilton and she said me an email with the before and after pics... Horrible...


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