Monday, November 1, 2010

Another lantern tutorial

It's a grey, rainy day here in southern France - disappointing as today is a public holiday.

I thought some bright, cheery colour would help the situation so here is a mini-tutorial for another lantern makeover I completed the other week.

This lantern came from Castorama (which I think is only in Europe), but you could easily adapt any rice paper lantern to the task.

My lantern was already half green (full green would make the room look really weird at night), but it needed a little something extra, I thought. Wary of how long the bunting lantern took me I was keen for something more instantly gratifying this time round, so paper it had to be.

I started with a 10€ lantern and a butterfly paper punch. 

I turned the lantern upside down and used a throw-away BBQ skewer and some matching paint to highlight the framework on the white half of the lantern. (At this stage you could paint the top half of a plain lantern if you liked.)

When the paint was dry, I started thinking about butterfly placement. I decided to go heavy with the green and accent with the red. The framework sectors were helpful in arranging a layout.

I went with a starburst pattern; heavy at the bottom and sparser at the top. Kind of like the little suckers were fleeing the lantern.  I just used a dab of craft glue to stick them on.

For the top (green) half of the lantern I considered the same in reverse. Perhaps heavy on the white.

Or maybe the red?

Or maybe use the empty cut outs in some way?

In the end, given it was the top and wouldn't really be seen, I went with a more even pattern. Plus, the other way all the butterflies from the top would be flying into the butterflies from the bottom, and that could lead to accidents. It was at this stage I realised I'd been in the craft room too long and went and had a cuppa.

Phew. Okay, here it is back up on the ceiling.

And again, IKEA makes a very cheap red light fitting that matches perfectly!

Perhaps not as flash as the bunting one, but sooooo much quicker and easier. And with all the different paper punches out there, you could easily create a masterpiece.

Hope your week's started off well, and not as wet as ours. I'll be back a little later today with a little giveaway. Nothing earth shattering, but hopefully inspirational for someone!


  1. C'est superbe!! Ca me donne des idées!!! So lovely!!

  2. Love the lantern make-over! Miss 13 would love one for her bedroom make-over - thanks for the inspiration.

    When we rented a house in France we were so surprised that the previous tenants removed all the light fittings, curtains, shelving, etc. Ikea was a real lifesaver!

  3. I love what you have been!
    A kiss from Spain

  4. I am very uncrafty...but maybe, just maybe I'll try this!

  5. Your a dab hand at all these fancy lampshades, don't think I'll ever have to buy a ready made shade again. Keep the ideas coming I love em.
    Pene x

  6. Kirsty, you have creativity oozing out of every pore! (And I mean that in a nice, totally not-gross kinda way! LOL) I love your simple, so clever, so gorgeous!

  7. Wow, gorgeous again! Now I really have to think where in my house I could use these.

  8. Not sure where your Castorama is but there is one in Paris near place de clichy - on the way to the Montmartre cemetary. I spend far too much of my time visiting dead people in Paris!

    One weekend with a UK friend we spent the morning visiting the kings and queens at St Denis and the afternoon visiting Jim, Edith and Oscar at Pere Lachaise.

    love the butterfly effect (and I'd use the cutouts on cards maybe filled with sead beads?)


  9. I'm sitting here in California going "oh so cute" to totally cracking up at the end of your post. I love a blogger that makes me laugh. I'm a new follower. Katharine


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